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Lee Cha-seok, head of LG, said, “Let’s sign a contract while we’re meeting.” FA Lim Chan-kyu said, “I left my stamp at home.”

Cha Myung-seok, head of the LG Twins, made a meaningful remark to Lim Chan-kyu, who was sitting in close proximity after taking the podium to win the 2023 Nutrition Day Ilgu Award on Tuesday. In response, Lim said he left his stamp at home, avoiding Cha’s “straightforwardness.”

LG beat KT Wiz in Game 5 of the Korean Series on April 13 to clinch the title overall with four wins and one loss. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop expressed his ambition to open the era of the LG dynasty in the future by winning this year’s championship, but LG has been quiet since the FA market opened.

Negotiations with key players such as Lim Chan-kyu, Ham Deok-ju, and Kim Min-sung, who applied for FA, have made no progress. On top of that, closer Ko Woo-seok is pushing to enter the Major League Baseball (MLB) through a posting system (closed competitive bidding).

LG Twins, which has weak starting pitchers in Korea, is forced to keep Lim Chan-gyu at bay. Lim took the mound in 30 games this season and recorded 14 wins and 3 losses with an ERA of 3.42, demonstrating his strong performance as a Korean ace. Lim’s 14 wins are the most among Korean pitchers in this season.

“Now, the relationship between the club and the player has changed, so we have to give Lim a thorough review,” Cha said slylyly. “Please don’t leave and wait for me as I will let the reporters know (the announcement of the contract with Lim Chan-gyu).” It was a joke, but he earnestly conveyed that LG needs Lim Chan-gyu. 실시간 바카라사이트

However, chances are slim that LG and Lim Chan-kyu will sign the contract on the day. Negotiations are expected to accelerate only after Lim Chan-kyu’s agent, who is currently overseas, returns to Korea.

Lim Chan-kyu said, “There has been no big talk yet. The agent only met Cha once. All I had was a phone call with the LG team after that,” adding, “The agent will arrive in Korea soon, and I think it will proceed from then on.”

The atmosphere of negotiations between LG and Lim Chan-kyu is not bad. LG also plans to treat Lim Chan-kyu as much as possible. Lim Chan-kyu, a franchise star, also has a lot of affection for LG.

Lim Chan-kyu said, “The director seems to have said that negotiations with me are not difficult, but that it is difficult to measure my value. You are respecting me, and I am really grateful for that. As I said on a broadcast program, I feel like I want to finish the contract quickly. I think things will work out well,” he said, hinting that negotiations will be concluded within this year, saying, “What will happen within next week?”

Lim Chan-kyu, who is being asked by LG’s team members, coaches and colleagues to stay in his team, smiled. “I am so happy that not only the team members, general managers, coaches and colleagues want me to stay. I feel that I have been doing well with LG for 13 years,” he said.

Lim Chan-kyu, who said, “The lingering image of the unified championship still lingers,” expressed his ambition to win the championship next year and the year after. Naturally, LG wants to continue enjoying the joy of the championship.

Finally, Lim said, “I will continue to show good performances not just in one season but also consistently.” After spending time recharging, Lim will start preparing for next season to soar higher.

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