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Lee Eun-cheol “We will Prevent Biased Judgments”

Return to the Olympics as a Referee… ‘Shooting hero’ Lee Eun-cheol “We will Prevent Biased Judgments”

Selected as referee for Paris Olympics…

Continuous transformation from the second Barcelona rifle gold medalist in Korean shooting history to a businessman and shooting administrator

Lee Eun-cheol (57), gold medalist in the 50m rifle event at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics,

is a person who has continuously transformed.

Everyone expected a gold medal, but after only getting a no medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics,

he left for the United States in frustration and majored in computer science at university.

In two years, he returned to the shooting world and won a gold medal in Barcelona.

After playing as a player until 2000, he took advantage of his computer major and started a new life at an information technology (IT) company in Silicon Valley, USA.

After working in the field as an IT engineer and blockchain and big data expert for 20 years, he closed down his business in 2022 and returned to the shooting world. 온라인카지노

Eun-cheol Lee served as the Chairman of the Performance Improvement Committee of the Korea Shooting Federation last year,

and is living the life of a ‘shooting administrator’ as a member of the rifle subcommittee at the International Shooting Federation (ISSF).

He will return to the Olympic stage as a rifle judge at the 2024 Paris Olympics held in July this year.

Lee Eun-cheol is the second Korean to be sent as a referee to an Olympic shooting event.

The first case is Korean shooting veteran Park Ki-rim (93),

who served as a referee at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

In an interview on the 5th, Lee Eun-cheol said, “Park Ki-rim was our coach.

It is an honor to follow him as an Olympic referee.”

He was a member of Korea Telecom (now KT) during his active career,

and Park Ki-rim coached players for a long time as a coach of Korea Telecom.

Lee Eun-cheol acquired his international referee certification in 2011,

when he was working as a businessman in the IT field.

He said, “I was working as a branch manager for an American company, and he took time off to get his license.

Now that he has retired from that job, he is focusing his attention on shooting.”

Fluent in English thanks to his time working in the United States,

he took up a position with the ISSF upon returning to the shooting world.

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