Thursday, 13th June 2024

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Lee Jong-seong tackled Ki Sung-yueng in the 22nd minute of the first half and received a yellow card.

As a result, he cannot play in the match against Gangwon FC, the final match of the 38th round, as five warnings have been accumulated. A team that loses the match between Suwon and Gangwon will be directly demoted to the second division, and Suwon has to face Gangwon without Lee Jong-seong as its captain.

Ko Yo-han, who was replaced at half-time, is also at the center of the issue. During the aforementioned melee in the extra time of the second half, Ko Yo-han made a surprise appearance. Controversy arose that Ko Seung-bum’s hair was pulled by Ko in the scene of the collision. It was difficult to accurately distinguish who was and who was on the broadcast screen because about 20 people were tangled in black padding, but fan cam videos showed Ko in contact. 안전놀이터

“We will investigate in detail the clash that took place in the Seoul-Suwon match. It is highly likely that all players and coaches involved in the assault will be identified and the punishment will be taken afterwards,” said an official from the Korea Professional Football Association. “This is the first time I have been beaten with fists during my career as a soccer player. It is quite embarrassing why I should be beaten and why I should be caught in the head,” Ko Seung-beom complained. “Many young fans and others came to the stadium, and there was no need to show such behaviors,” Seoul’s acting coach Kim Jin-gyu bowed his head.

Experienced veterans are treated because they are highly capable of responding to crises. Expectations are high that the team will lead younger players who have been mentally unstable at a time of difficulties to overcome the crisis. However, in the K-League last weekend, veterans caused a crisis themselves and caused damage to their teams.

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