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Lee Kang-in is expected to start Champs…? PSG manager Enrique said, “He can play at the same time as Vitinha.”

Lee Kang-in (22, Paris Saint-Germain) took a honey break from the league schedule after finishing the A-match in November. Now, they are preparing for the “War of the Stars” Champions League. When a question was asked about Lee Kang-in in the local area, he talked about the possibility of coexistence with Vitinha. 바카라

Paris Saint-Germain will enter the group stage of Group F of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League at the Parc des Princes, their home stadium, on the 29th (Korea time). They are second to Dortmund in Group F, which is tightly competing by a point difference.

Lee left Mallorca this summer to join Paris Saint-Germain. Lee made his professional debut after training for the Valencia youth team and spread his wings after moving to Mallorca. He did not play well in the beginning due to his muscle injury, but he made a leap forward starting from the Hangzhou Asian Games and the October national team schedule.

He had a chance to start from the game against Strasbourg in the ninth round of the Ligue 1. He has displayed stellar performance by starting in four consecutive matches through the matches against Brestois, the 11th round against Montpellier, and the 13th round (Lance), and provided Kylian Mbappe with a sharp forward pass, energizing his attack on Paris Saint-Germain.

He displayed strong performance in the league. He joined the second qualifying round for the FIFA North-Central U.S. World Cup Asia in November, and played against Singapore and China. Lee, who started both games, had one goal and one assist in the match against Singapore and one assist in the match against China, demonstrating his presence.

After the A-match in November, he returned to Paris to prepare for the league schedule. He started the match against AS Monaco from the bench, but Enrique’s choice was a break. Paris Saint-Germain had quite a hard time against AS Monaco at home, but their forward strikers continued to show great performance and won the game 5-2.

Lee has never started in the Champions League. He played for 10 minutes in the first Group F match against Dortmund, 19 minutes in the third match against AC Milan, and 30 minutes in the return match against AC Milan.

According to the French media RMC on Wednesday, Lee Kang-in also showed interest in joining the game. When Enrique asked Lee about co-existence with midfielder Vitinha, he replied, “Good players can play together in one team. In the case of Lee Kang-in and Vitinha, wingers and midfielders are possible. Both players can start. Both players can co-exist.”

Some asked what tactics he would take ahead of the match against Newcastle United. Enrique said, “It’s hard to say. The position of the ball always changes depending on where it is. The tactical framework doesn’t mean much. For example, even if the ball starts with a 4-3-3 formation at first, it changes to 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 depending on the situation and needs. It could change again in the second half.”

“If we don’t have balls, we can defend ourselves in a 4-4-2 formation and a 4-5-1 formation. I can’t give you that exact answer. We value ball occupancy, so we will operate based on aggressive 4-3-3 formation,” he explained.

He clearly expressed his commitment ahead of the match against Newcastle United. “Our team is highly competitive. I hope our home fans will be able to see the best game tomorrow. There may be tough moments, so we need more passionate cheering than usual. Newcastle United is at the bottom of the group, so it is under great pressure and desperately needs a win. It is a very important game. We will play the match against Newcastle United like a final.”

He also had great faith in Paris Saint-Germain players. “This is not exactly how I want to look yet. But we are still in the process of developing ourselves. The coaching staff can provide more assistance to the players. I love Paris Saint-Germain very much. The quality of the team is incredible, and there are a lot of players who want to do what I want. The team has great aspiration,” Enrique said.

The same was true for strikers. When asked about the competition for offensive position, he said, “There are Colo Muani and Gonzalo Hamus, but there are also Barcola and Asensio. There are four high-level players who can play at this position. We need to find their strengths. We need to encourage them to do something more special. Harmus and Muani have distinct characteristics. The same goes for Asensio. He has strong shooting ability. Barcola is a young player with great potential. I like all of them.”

“I have known Dembele since I was a Barcelona player,” Enrique said. “I have always wanted to recruit Dembele since I played for Stadren. He has a unique style. I know that Dembele is a professional player. He always wants his ball and is not afraid. He is very confident because he knows how to accept criticism. It is very nice to be with such a player.”

“It is different from Dembele when he was playing for Barcelona. In Paris Saint-Germain, he should make efforts to play well not only in the side but also in the ninth position. There were some concerned eyes on the point of attack, but he is a player who does so much for the team. The way Dembele moves and moves allow two to three other teammates to play comfortably. Dembele is undoubtedly the best crack in the world,” he raised his thumb.

Lastly, Enrique finished the press conference by saying, “The Paris Saint-Germain team is still at a stage where players understand each other’s system and develop the soccer style that I want. It will inevitably be different from the soccer that was shown in the Spanish national team and Barcelona. It is because the players are different. We believe that we can improve more. We can improve a lot of things. We have a long way to go before we realize what we want to show in this team.”

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