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Lee Kang-In’s Colleague → Hwang Ui-Jo’s Competitor?”Nottingham is now in Arrears of Wages”

Hwang Eui-jo’s competitor may come from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

England’s ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 3rd (Korean time),

“West Ham United and Nottingham Forest are interested in Echitike.

PSG will sign a contract with Goncalo Hamus.

Randall Colo Muani is also interested.

The sale of Eketique is being considered, along with Juventus and Leverkusen, as well as West Ham and Nottingham of the English Premier League (EPL) expressing interest.”

is a striker born in 2002.

 He is of French nationality and grew up in Stade de Reims.지울프-토토

 Ekitique, who made his professional debut in the 2020-21 season, took off as the main striker in the 2021-22 season and showed his potential by playing only 24 French Ligue 1 matches and scoring 10 goals. 

In addition to his scoring ability, he showed his strengths in terms of activity and physicality,

drawing attention from Newcastle United.

His next destination was PSG.

 PSG, who saw Ekitique’s potential, recruited Ekitique. 

I had high expectations, but Ekitike couldn’t fill them. Ekitike, who played 25 Ligue 1 matches, scored only three goals.

 Although he had 4 assists, his scoring was very poor.

 There was a big problem with his decision-making power and his influence on the game was low.

 Even though he was young, he felt disappointed that he did not live up to expectations.

Currently, PSG are keen on signing strikers.

With Lionel Messi and Mauro Icardi transferred, there are few people to come to the forefront.

There is a professional striker, Ekitike, but he is young and considering his appearance last season, it is difficult to use as a starting pitcher. 

This is why they want to recruit Hamus and Colo Muani.

He left an impression by showing good performances in the Portuguese league and the German Bundesliga, respectively.

They needed to prove their competitiveness in the pre-season and it certainly didn’t satisfy manager Luis Enrique.

 Several teams are aiming for Ekitike, whose location is unclear enough to be mentioned as a trade resource.

 Among them is Nottingham. 

Nottingham is a team with Hwang Ui-jo.

 Hwang Ui-jo was recruited last season, but he went on loan to Olympiacos right away.

He could not find a place at Olympiacos, so he joined FC Seoul on a short-term loan.

 Hwang Ui-jo, who improved his physical condition in Seoul, returned to Nottingham and played an active role during the pre-season, starting and scoring.

 Although he made mistakes in recent games, he continued to play and tried to catch the eye of coach Steve Cooper.

Even though he is young, if Ekitike comes, Hwang Ui-jo’s playing time may be reduced.

 Amidst rumors of a transfer to Ekitique, Nottingham was embroiled in suspicion of non-payment of wages.

 The British ‘Daily Mail’ said, “We owe millions of dollars to players and agents.

 At the same time, the rumors of Ekitike’s transfer are quieting down, and the departure of key resources, including Brennan Johnson, is predicted.

 It seems to be a good thing for Hwang Eui-jo, but overall, it is an ambiguous situation because it is a team crisis.

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