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“Let’s go to No. 1 in FIFA rankings”, “I learned a lot” England tied 66th in the final match…”A poor game” Criticism Continues

Gareth Southgate, head coach of the England national team, is expressing great ambition, but he is worried because the results do not follow. During this A-match period, England struggled in the 2024 Euro qualifying round. England scored 20 points in eight final qualifying matches for the 2024 Euro since March to secure a place in Group C.

He led Italy by six points. However, he showed a somewhat disappointing performance during the A-match period in November, drawing criticism. This is because it was a little far from the goal presented by Southgate. British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ drew attention by introducing Southgate’s remarks on the 20th.

Ahead of the match against North Macedonia on the 21st, he expressed his ambition, saying, “My goal is to put England at the top of the world (FIFA) rankings.” Southgate said, “To be the No. 1 team, mistakes or indolence are unacceptable,” adding, “You have to make sure you win every time.”

In addition, regarding the FIFA ranking, which will be renewed at the end of this month, he said, “It may be third (at the end of this month), but there are two steps left (to the top),” adding, “We cannot waste the game.”

England have already confirmed their trip to the Euro 2024 finals last month. In other words, he emphasized that victory should be brought unconditionally to motivate the match against North Macedonia. But England’s performance was not good.

In June, they won 7-0 at home against North Macedonia, but they could not use their strength properly in this match. Rob Green, the former England national team’s goalkeeper, harshly criticized the national team in a radio interview on “BBC,” saying, “The team’s performance was urgent and the quality was low.” Green said, “We finished the qualifying round dry,” adding, “Although England scored the equalizer, North Macedonia gave England an ordeal and the players themselves raised the problem.”

England were dragged 0-1 until the second half after giving up the opening goal to North Macedonia’s Ennis Bardi in the 41st minute. Jack Grealish appeared to score an equalizer in the second minute of the second half, but it was canceled due to VAR. Coach Southgate, who was in a hurry, tried to turn the tide in the 13th minute of the second half by putting in the main gun Harry Kane, who was sitting on the bench.

England induced an own goal in the ensuing corner to tie the game 1-1, but that was it. North Macedonia did not lose their concentration until the end and created an extraordinary 1-1 draw against England. In an interview with “BBC” after the game, Southgate said, “I learned a lot,” adding, “It will come as a big lesson for us later.”

Currently, England ranks fourth in the FIFA rankings, trailing Argentina (1st), France (2nd), and Brazil (3rd). The gap between Brazil and England was about four points, and if they won the game against North Macedonia, they could aim for third place beyond Brazil. However, the team is expected to tie North Macedonia 1-1 to secure fourth place. 토토사이트

This is due to the ranking score calculation formula calculated by FIFA. According to FIFA’s formula, the national team calculates the game by considering the importance of the game, whether it wins or not, and the difference in ranking with the opponent team. In other words, the opponent who should have won must win so that there is no obstacle to the rise of the ranking.

North Macedonia was able to gain the upper hand in the ranking competition with Brazil by winning a small number of points that England won in 66th place, but the third-place leap was canceled because it was tied 1-1.

England, which finished this year’s A-match schedule after the match against North Macedonia, is expected to face Brazil in March next year to challenge the rebound in the rankings. Brazil, ranked third, is scheduled to wrap up this year’s schedule after playing the sixth round of the 2026 World Cup South American qualifying match against Argentina on the 22nd.


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