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Lichtenstein Opens Castle Casino In Baduz

As gambling in Liechtenstein has been legal since 2010, in the past few years Liechtenstein has opened five casinos to meet its main goal of attracting gamblers from neighboring countries, but after 96 of Shan’s Ballers and Casino Maximus recently closed, the total casinos experienced a sharp decline from six to four.

Despite casinos being one of the most lucrative facilities for the state’s gaming and non-gaming revenue, there were and still are many who opposed the idea of casinos in Liechtenstein.

Hans-Jorg Frick, a former politician and founder of IG Volkswagen Meinung, an organization that opposes casinos, said, “Lichtenstein doesn’t need casinos and the money they bring. We don’t want to be involved with them.” 온라인경마

In a related development, Christian Promelt, director of the Liechtenstein Institute, an independent think tank, said, “Casinos are likely to remain a divisive issue. It is rare for such a big debate to take place in Liechtenstein and for this issue to be politicized like this.

“Casinos competed with the conservative values of the countryside rooted in Catholicism and the liberal economic values that made Liechtenstein one of the world’s leading financial centers. Casinos create a conflict between these two worlds.”

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