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Lim Chan-kyu finishes the season with 14 wins in regulation innings for the first time in three years

LG starter Lim Chan-kyu gave up points first in the second inning, but since then, he has succeeded in dealing with 13 consecutive batters against Doosan’s batters, meeting the requirements for victory. In addition, he was able to fill the prescribed innings again in three years after 147 ⅔ innings in 2020.

Lim Chan-kyu, who also took the mound in the sixth inning, was replaced by second pitcher Baek Seung-hyun after giving up consecutive hits to Rojas and Yang Seok-hwan after two outs. When LG fans in the stands on the first base shouted Lim Chan-kyu’s name, Lim Chan-kyu also took off his hat and responded. Baek Seung-hyun blocked the first and second bases with two outs by inducing a grounder to the first base. 슬롯머신

LG maintained its lead by putting in Jung Woo-young and Yoo Young-chan in the eighth inning after two outs in the seventh inning. The last inning was played by veteran Kim Jin-sung.

Doosan recovered one run with Rojas’ solo shot after two outs in the eighth inning. It is Rojas’ 19th homer of the season. Coach Lee Seung-yeop put Yang Eui-ji, who said, “It is difficult to hit a substitute,” at the top of the ninth inning when he had a chance to get first and second bases with one out. However, the game ended when Yang Eui-ji hit a double play by third baseman.

LG, which mobilized 1,178,887 spectators until the 14th, surpassed 1.2 million spectators as all 23,750 seats were sold at 1:53 p.m. on the 15th, achieving a full-capacity case. Until the 15th, 1,202,637 people entered in 71 home games.

With the abolition of the two consecutive games starting this year, 71 games and 73 games will be played every other year, and LG boasted an overwhelming crowd mobilization of more than 1.2 million spectators even in a small number of home games. The No. 1 effect in 29 years led to ticket power. The 1.2 million spectators is the first since the 10-team system in 2015, and it is the first time in 10 years for LG since 2013.

After the game, LG introduced emblems and slogans to the packed audience to wish for good performance in the Korean Series.

Emblem set ‘glossy jumper’, which symbolizes LG’s postseason, as its basic concept. In addition, he indirectly expressed the team color of playing dynamic baseball with the bottom curve of the emblem and font slope, and the journey toward an integrated championship. The slogan contains the teamwork of “One Team,” one goal, and the meaning of uniting with fans to create the best results in the Korean Series.


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