Sunday, 21st July 2024

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LK Studios Launches Jeff & Scully Slot, Delivering 10,000X Potential

The game is set in the Nevada desert, where protagonist Jeff & Scully is immersed in solving questions about JFK’s fate, fake moon landings, and pyramid builders. Conspiracy theories unfold throughout the 7 x 7 Reel setup, revealing features like a powerful area win mechanic, multiple multipliers, sticky symbols, and instant paycoins and wilds, bonus games, and super bonus games. All of these features are combined to help players have the opportunity to benefit from the incredible winning potential of slots set at 10,000 times the player bet. 카지노사이트 순위

The Area Victory feature awards a victory for each landing of four symbols matching the reel in a square area, including a multiplier symbol that increases the victory for each symbol and an immediate payment symbol located in the area. When a victory is awarded in an area designated as a Jeff’s area, the Jeff function is activated to award the victory for each symbol landing in that area.

Scully regions follow the same pattern to cause scully features and merge symbols to aggregate the chance of victory. If at least three bonus symbols are gathered in the winning area, the player will participate in a bonus game featuring sticky multipliers and instant pay coins until the end of the bonus round. But that’s not all! When four bonus symbols are gathered during the round, the Super Bonus game is triggered, increasing the value of sticky multipliers and instant pay symbols and giving you great chances of winning!


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