Wednesday, 24th April 2024

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Magician/Comedian Mack King, Haras Las Vegas afternoon headliner, with 614 contestants this week qualified to break the world record for the longest phone game.

David Walsh of Nevada’s Department of Weights and Measures attended to check the number of participants. The Guinness Book of Records will certify the event as having broken records within 90 days. The record attempt was held at Harrer’s home and ended with a prediction by King, who made his final statement on stage with Guinness World Records official Ollie Lewis.

“It’s a great achievement to take so many people to play kindergarten games, and it wasn’t bad for Hara to hand out free game chips,” said King, The previous record included 564 participants and was made in Dublin, Ireland, in March 2003. 온라인경마

Local celebrities who came to cheer for Macon included Penn & Teller, Clint Holmes, Lance Burton, and Sheena Easton. Oli Lewis, head of the Nevada Department of Weights and Measures and the Guinness Book of Records, officiated. The event will be officially submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records headquarters in London.

“Harry congratulates King on fulfilling his lifelong dream to break the world record in the Las Vegas Strip,” said Madeleine Weekly, the regional public relations director.

Mac King’s first whisper said, “Mac King is a comedy magic genius.” King predicted the last whisper, sealed and fixed in a locked briefcase before the event. When the final whisper was known to the final contestant after the game, an initial prediction appeared: “Macaroni.”


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