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Malaysia’s Hilltop Casino Receives Facelift

“This isn’t just a casino,” said Anthony Yeo, Genting’s senior vice president of communications. “It’s just one of the things you can choose from here.”

Yeo said Genting has launched a diversification plan to stay competitive.

He said, “We have to be aggressive and aggressive in terms of being differentiated and keeping up with the times, because we are highly competitive with other casinos around the world.”

“We need to be able to provide different forms of entertainment that bigger casinos in Las Vegas or Macau don’t have,” he added.

Genting aims to meet the needs of gamblers as well as those seeking entertainment with this strategy, Yeo said. 카지노사이트 순위

A 45-minute trip from Kuala Lumpur leads visitors to a midpoint on the hill, where they arrive on one of Asia’s longest cable car routes, carrying thousands of passengers to the summit of a lush 3.38-kilometer rainforest every day.

The heart of Genting’s revenue comes from casinos, but officials said most of the 15 million visitors to the complex on average each year come to ride, live entertainment, or escape the tropical heat of the lowlands.

One of the latest additions and most popular features of the indoor theme park is Asia’s first sky venture ride to simulate skydiving in a sealed cylindrical capsule that produces winds exceeding 190 km/h.

Costing 100 million ringgit (about $168 million) to build, the sprawling, five-hectare outdoor theme park offers hair-raising rides for adrenaline junkies along with few imaginative rollercoasters with names like “Corkscrew” and “Turbo Drop.”

For those who like quiet forms of entertainment, live performances are available almost every night.

The 6,000-seat Arena of Stars set the stage for a wide range of performers, including singer Sir Cliff Richard, pop group Westlife and Hong Kong performers Andy Lau and Aaron Wok.

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