Wednesday, 24th April 2024

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Massachusetts rejects DraftKings launch offer

Following yesterday’s Massachusetts Games Committee meeting, sports appear to be fluctuating in the state of Bay.

There are a few things to keep in mind during the six-hour meeting:

According to Karen Wells, president of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, the Bureau of Investigation (IEB), led by Loretta Lilios, has completed all 29 scooping surveys submitted.

“I just wanted to say that I really want to compliment Lilios and her whole team,” Wells said in a video. “The scoping survey was just taken last week and they went through everything. And they prepared all the data. It’s an astronomical achievement and they’re doing a tremendous job. I could be more impressed with Loretta and her whole team. Not only with the organization, but also with the executive branch, so it’s an amazing Loretta.”

Currently, Bay State sports gamblers may be able to legally bet on the NFL playoffs in January, but online players will likely have to wait until the March frenzy. 파워볼게임

At Thursday’s meeting, Massachusetts Gaming Commission President Cathy Judd-Stein received a letter from DraftKings asking the commission to reconsider voting on retail sports, which begins at the end of January, and online, which begins in early March, to allow both retail and mobile operators to broadcast live at the same time. The letter was sent to us and to all commissioners.

“I don’t think we need to do this again,” said Commissioner Bradford Hill. “I think we had a very good conversation when we voted for this. Following the research on jet lag, I feel very comfortable that what we did was the right thing.”

This sentiment was reflected in the video by fellow commissioners Eileen O’Brien, Nakisha Skinner and Jordan Maynard.

However, Maynard said, “I’m concerned about the equity issue that exists… I want to be clear. I believe that if we raise this issue again, it could change the schedule completely. That could actually cause an even bigger problem for an applicant who wants to start by March. If we’re not careful, we could be past the March date. For those reasons, I’d like to stick to what we did during all that time of debate and we fell. But I’m worried about the equity issue. I’m worried about convincing someone. If you’re interested in finding a way to level the playing field after everyone is operational, I’ll work with my fellow commissioners.”

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