Thursday, 13th June 2024

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“Mbappe and I are not a couple, right? We don’t want that kind of relationship!”… “I don’t know why you’re asking me that question.”

Local media reported that the two have fallen out. Coach Enrique assigned Mbappe the No. 9 role that Mbappe dislikes, and also reported that there were disagreements over attack and defense in the final match of the UEFA Champions League against Dortmund. They had a good relationship at the beginning of the season, but the mood has changed in recent weeks.

Under these circumstances, Coach Enrique also controversially said, “The position Mbappe wants to play in is decided by himself.” It was a nuance that Mbappe was ruling over the coach. Analysts say that such discord will also affect Mbappe’s contract renewal. This means that Coach Enrique may not renew the contract. French media continue to illuminate such discord rumors. 파워볼실시간

As rumors of a feud between Enrique and Mbappe grew, Enrique himself began to explain himself. “We are not a couple. We don’t want such a relationship with each other,” he said through local media.

“As always, Mbappe and I have a perfect relationship. I don’t know why they ask me that question. I am very close to most of my players. Mbappe is also very close. Mbappe always jokes and laughs. I also like to smile. We have a very good relationship. I hope to see Mbappe as long as possible at PSG,” he explained.

PSG will face off against Real Sociedad, a Spanish Primera Liga ambassador. PSG ranked second in Group F after Dortmund, and Real Sociedad ranked first in Group D, advancing to the round of 16. It is the first time in UCL that the two teams will face off each other.

In response, Enrique said, “I am happy because I was in Spain. I know Real Sociedad very well. I know their coach, players, fans, and the most beautiful city in Spain. They are the team that finished first in their group, ahead of Inter Milan. It will be a very difficult game for us.”

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