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Monte Carlo contractor rejects fire investigation results

The company defended itself on Friday that it was responsible for a fire at the top of the Monte Carlo hotel last week, saying employees were following safety procedures when the hotel caught fire last week.

In a statement released Friday afternoon, Union Ilectors countered an investigation by the Clark County Fire Department that found that company welders had failed to take basic precautions to prevent a Jan. 25 fire that broke out along the rooftop facade of the 32-story strip resort.

“After the investigation is concluded, we believe the results will show that Union Actors and its employees acted in a safe and responsible manner, as did all customers,” the Las Vegas-based company said.

However, Dan Kulin, a spokesman for the Fire Department, said an investigation into the cause of the fire had been completed. 토토사이트

The fire authorities judged that the welders did not take various safety measures as they cut and installed an iron passage behind the front of the hotel.

Safety measures should include using a “slag mat” to prevent hot metal from igniting flammable materials and posting workers to the fire watch for sparks or falling slag that could cause a fire.

Union Electors also said it had the necessary permission to carry out the torch cutting and welding work required for the work.

“We received a Hot Work Permit through Casino,” company manager Anita Hershberger said Friday afternoon.

She did not elaborate or answer any further questions about the case.

Fire investigators, however, found no records of hot work permits through the county required by county law. Fire department officials were reviewing the case and were able to cite the company as a misdemeanor for failing to withdraw the permits.

“Our records indicate that the contractor did not have the county’s hot work permit,” Cullin said. “If they have any information that could indicate otherwise, they should immediately share it with the fire department.”

A casino industry official said both sides could be right.

County regulations require contractors to apply for a hot-work permit through the fire department, while strip resorts require contractors to apply for a different version of a hot-work permit at the property, the sources said.

The permits will go under the same name and look almost identical, adding to the confusion over the hot work permit process, the sources said.

But whether the company is licensed or not does not change the fact that employees have not followed safety procedures, the sources said.

“I think Union Ilectors are trying to throw dirt in the air and say, ‘It’s not us, it’s someone else,'” the source said.

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