Thursday, 13th June 2024

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More than 100 passmis against 106th in the Chinese soccer → FIFA ranking, which was not even basic…Chinese director “I won’t run away”

China had a 0-0 draw in the first Group A match of the 2023 Asian Cup against Tajikistan held in Doha, Qatar on the 13th (Korea time). China, which failed to win the first round, will play the second group match against Lebanon on the 17th, with its advance to the round of 16.

China, which is ranking 79th in FIFA rankings, also had a tough match against Tajikistan, which is ranking 106th in FIFA, falling behind 49-51 in ball possession ratio. Tajikistan overwhelmed the Chinese in shooting number with a score of 20:10. China also displayed poor accuracy as it only had two shots on target out of 10 shots.

In particular, China made more than 100 pass mistakes in the match against Tajikistan and collapsed on its own. China made 396 passes against Tajikistan, making 295 successful attempts, with a pass success rate of 74 percent, and 101 passes alone. The South China Morning Post, a Chinese media outlet, said, “China made excessive mistakes in the first match of the Asian Cup. China failed to overcome the pressure in the first match of the Asian Cup.”

“I’m not proud of myself. I’m doing my best as a coach and it’s a challenge for me. I had a lot of pass misses in the first half. I’m trying to solve that problem. When a problem arises, I can run away or overcome it. I will not run away. I have trust in the players and I am responsible for their pass mistakes. I will maintain the current style of play.”

“We had a draw in our first match, and we need to show better performance in the match against Lebanon. We need to display the best performance to advance to the round of 16. We might not have had enough preparation ahead of the first match, but the more we play, the better our performance will be.” 토토사이트 순위

Lebanon, which had a showdown with China, suffered a 0-3 defeat in the opening match of the Asian Cup, as it met host country Qatar. “The opening match of the Asian Cup against the home team was a burden, and we gave the opponent a chance through our foolish mistake. Our full-fledged competition begins from the second match,” Lebanon coach Radulovic said. “China has many experienced players and is a balanced team. We respect the opponent. The competition is still open. We will compete for six points in the remaining two group matches,” he said.


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