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“My body and heart hurt so much that I couldn’t even shoot.” “Multi Resurrection” Hishalee Song’s confession

Hisali Song, Son Heung-min’s best friend, who was revived with a multi-goal against Newcastle, confessed a moment when his body and mind were struggling at the time of his injury.

Hishalisson scored two goals in the home game against Newcastle on the 12th (Korea time) thanks to Son Heung-min’s help, leading Tottenham to a 4-1 victory and a thrilling victory in six games. He made his first start at home against Newcastle after announcing his return as a substitute in the second half of the match against West Ham, announcing his resurgence.

After the game, she confessed her mental pain. She also confessed that she had suffered mental pain and crisis, including surgery to recover from a groin injury and a drop in confidence due to her poor form.

“I’m very happy to be back on the field. I recovered very quickly, which is another motivation for me,” Hishalee told the British daily Daily Mail on Sunday. “I have been suffering from this pain since last year. I felt more pain, especially when the season was over,” Hishalee said. “That’s why I couldn’t even practice shooting during warmups before the game. 스포츠토토

It was because the injury got worse and worse. “After the game, I felt uncomfortable even when I performed simple movements,” he said. “I postponed the surgery for months because I wanted to help both the club team and the Brazilian national team, but I realized that it would harm myself and my team because I was not in the condition to continue the surgery,” he said.

After discussing with fellow players, including Tottenham manager Angie Postecoglou, he decided to have surgery despite the fact that there were many other injured and suspended players in the club. Hisalisson made headlines by shedding tears on the bench after Brazil was replaced in the second half of a 5-1 victory over Bolivia in September. After missing a decisive chance to score six yards ahead, he was outraged and appeared to be full of his own frustration at not being able to influence the game.

He said he learned a lot from the tough times at Tottenham. “I’m always hungry. I want to play all the time. But what I learned through this tough process is that my health, especially my mental health, is not going anywhere if it’s not at my best,” he said. “A lot of people criticized me and said bad things. It was because I wasn’t playing my best, and because I didn’t feel good in my head due to lack of confidence and problems off the field, everything went in a very bad way,” he recalled.

“During this time of year, social media rarely spoke to me while taking a break. I just wanted to focus on recovery,” Hishalee said. “Fortunately, I feel much better now without any pain. I’m happy to score multiple goals, but I’m even happier to be able to help my team more effectively.”

“I had the energy to recover, I was able to steal the ball in midfield and score the first goal, and I was able to finish it safely. Things that haven’t happened to me in the meantime have happened, so I’m very confident,” he added. “Now we think that if we improve every game and continue the good moments, everything will come back to its place,” he said emphatically.

His best friend, Captain Son Heung-min, also expressed joy over his resurrection. When asked what he thought about Hishalysong’s multi-goal return from injury, Son said in an interview with Tottenham, “I’m really happy to have him back.” “Hishalysong had similar pain to mine, but he kept trying to postpone the surgery, so he recommended ‘Hurry up and surgery.’

Because surgery is a big help. As you saw today, his movements have become much softer. He fought for the possession of the ball and scored goals the way he ran. I’m really happy that everything has gotten a lot softer, too,” he said, congratulating his teammate on his good performance. “These two goals have greatly helped his performance and I expect him to gain more momentum and help his team.”

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