Friday, 1st December 2023

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New Approach to Prevention of Addiction in Spain

Even if you report a relatively low rate, the problematic gambling problem is always real. So, the two Spanish organizations signed a contract to try new ways to deal with addiction and help people in need.

The Convention includes two organizations: FEJAR and Jdigital. The first is an experienced structure to help addicts, and the second is the Gambling Trade Association. Jdigital has prominent members such as state lottery sizal and giant international brand platters. All members have agreed to participate in this plan. 경마사이트

The method discussed seems very simple. All Jdigital operators will promote a free telephone help line through all digital sources.

Representatives from FEJAR say the organization will release a regular report on the effectiveness of this new preventive step. FEJAR, who has a lot of experience in this area, hopes to promote easier awareness of addicts’ problem gambling behavior and to have free contact with experts. Gambling operators hope this step will promote safer gambling in society, a mandatory measure for operators already licensed.

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