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‘No SONTOP for the time being!’ Tottenham will leave FW for ‘Pigeon Dance’ at the forefront → ‘Selling in Saudi Arabia in January’ is also rejected

England’s “TBR Football” reported Hishalisson’s situation on the 19th (Korea time), saying, “Tottenham has decided not to sell Hishalisson after the match against Nottingham Forest.”

Recruited from Everton last summer for a huge amount of 60 million pounds, Hissarlison had a sluggish year with just three goals and four assists in all competitions during his debut season. He played in 27 matches in the league but only scored one goal. Harry Kane was expected to be the starting striker in this season, but started in three matches after the season’s opening, and had no goal.

The lack of performance led to rumors of a transfer. Along with the news that Saudi Arabia wanted to recruit Hishalisson, Tottenham was also claimed to be active in sales.

The reversal came at the last match against Newcastle. Hishalysong, who was on the front-line one-top where Son Heung-min played, scored multiple goals to help his team win 4-1. In the match against Nottingham, he also scored the finishing goal by finishing Dejan Kulusevski’s cross with a header. 온라인카지노

TBR Football stated, ‘Tottenham is reluctant to sell Hishalisson, who has been in better shape, in January. Hishalisson returned from surgery in early November, which greatly affected his performance. He has scored three goals in his last two games. With decent performance, Tottenham want to catch him despite Saudi Arabia’s interest.’

He then said, “Hishalisson struggled at the front line early in the season, but he returned to the ninth position in the past two games, and Son Heung-min moved to the side. It is reasonable to say that he has made dramatic progress since his return to injury. He provided the center point in the penalty box and played a tireless front line. His long-term future is unclear, but next month’s transfer does not make sense,” explaining that Hishalisson will be in charge of Tottenham’s front line instead of a transfer for the time being.

It is still unclear whether Hishalisson’s use of the front-line one-top will be able to consistently produce results. Hishalisson showed signs of rebounding by scoring multiple goals in the European Champions League last season, but then he went back to the bench in silence.

Compared to Son, it is hard to say that he proved his destructive power at the forefront. Hisalysong has four goals and three assists in 14 matches this season. Son Heung-min has been active in 17 league matches with 10 goals and four assists. If hisalysong is sluggish in the future and is pushed out of the front line again, Tottenham may consider selling hisalysong again.

However, for the time being, Tottenham has to put high hopes on Hishalisson. This is because Son Heung-min will leave Tottenham to participate in the Asian Cup from January to February 10. If Hishalisson fails to fill Son Heung-min’s vacancy properly, it could have a big impact on Tottenham’s performance during the period.

For Hishalisson, who is unlikely to leave the transfer market in January, the rest of the season is expected to be an important turning point that will greatly affect his career at Tottenham in the future.

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