Sunday, 23rd June 2024

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NuxGame adds multi-brand platform management capabilities

Betting and software provider Nooks Game unveiled the latest upgrades to its service offering with multi-brand platform management, allowing casino operators to efficiently manage multiple sub-brands in a single main-brand interface.

New features in NuxGame’s software, which address complex processes associated with multiple interface management, help operators streamline operations and manage sub-brands from a single roof.

This seamless process also applies to team workflows, where role-based access control enables stakeholders to make goal changes to facilitate efficient internal processes with a high level of security. 경마사이트

The software also provides both integrated and individual sub-brand insights to provide detailed KPIs to operators, providing a customized approach to Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR). This centralized reporting facilitates data-driven decision making by providing actionable insights across the entire brand.

The new update also enables operators to adapt to the dynamics of the local market while remaining consistent across all brands.

Multi-brand platform management follows a series of new features recently added to Nook’s game’s platform, including innovative PVP battle gamification.

“We continue to innovate to improve production and maximize efficiency while helping operators focus on what matters most,” said Dennis Kosinski, chief operating officer of Nooks Games. “Our new multi-brand platform management capabilities eliminate the need for multiple management systems, streamlining operations and enabling sensible customers to excel across all sectors of the industry.”

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