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“Oh my God! Manchester City lost”…You guys are wrong to react like this, Pep! “It’s exaggerated that Manchester City is in a crisis.”

Manchester City lost to Aston Villa 0-1 in the 15th round of the EPL for the 2023-24 season on the 7th. In the 29th minute of the second half, Aston Villa Leon Bailey scored the first goal. Manchester City kneeled without making any significant counterattack. It seems like a shocking defeat.

Manchester City’s recent trend is the worst. It has not won four consecutive games. It was defeated by Aston Villa after drawing with Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham. It remained at 30 points and fell to fourth place in the league. Arsenal, Liverpool, and Aston Villa settled in front of Manchester City. Analysts say that Manchester City is in the biggest crisis of this season.

However, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola shook his head at such a favorable evaluation. Ahead of the match against Luton Town in the 16th round of the EPL on October 10, he said, “When we win, we are said to be the best in the world. On the other hand, not to win is said to be a crisis. It is always exaggerated.” 토토사이트

Guardiola then said, “We know how good we have been for a long time. We also know how difficult it is to do what we have done. But the media and fans watched a few games and said, ‘Oh my God, Manchester City lost.’ Four games without a win. It can be increased to five or six games.”

“Look at the three teams ahead of Manchester City. They’re doing so much year after year. They’re a team hungry for a championship. I see it. It’s not our past achievement that can help players in these situations. It’s to say, ‘Oh my God, the competition teams are improving more.’ After that, we can go one step further. That’s the only way.”

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