Sunday, 23rd June 2024

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Online bookmakers unknown in the Netherlands warn

There are relatively strict gambling rules in the Netherlands. This is probably because gambling has only been allowed in this country for almost a year. As a result, we are still in the early stages of legal gambling. It is impossible to determine whether this is the reason for the Dutch gambling authority’s strict approach. Recently, an online bookmaker received a warning from the KSA. Reason: Unauthorized advertising during a sporting event. 온라인경마

The Netherlands stipulates in its gambling laws that advertising for sports betting is not allowed during games, in which case gambling fans may be encouraged to place more bets. This affects players in particular who would not normally be betting on a particular game. They could be encouraged to bet voluntarily if they look at advertising and above all the current odds. To protect against this impulsive behavior, advertisements are not allowed during games in the Netherlands.

However, this was done by online bookers. He used the social platform Twitter to provide information on the progress of the soccer game. Also, he showed the current odds. Also, the game was provided with several comments, which, according to the KSA, can also allow players to place bets. Because the practice is prohibited in the Netherlands, the sports betting provider has been warned. The press release did not disclose what the warning had or what the warning contained.

The KSA also did not mention which sports betting company violated the rules, but sports betting fans don’t have to worry after he immediately responded to the warning.


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