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Online casino news articles often discuss the role of social media influencers in promoting iGaming brands

While most gamblers’ marketing strategies include collaboration with influencers on different platforms, choosing a channel is not always an easy task, which will lead to the greatest transition. Speakers at the SBC Summit Barcelona provided comments on the most popular social media platform as a tool to promote gambling brands. 파워볼실시간

Twitch, TikTok, YouTube Promotional Opportunities
Experts confirmed that TikTok remains one of the most powerful services for advertisers in an event session dedicated to marketing, or iGaming’s social media. At the same time, William Hill’s head of digital marketing, Kirsten Openshaw, noted that TikTok needs to be cautious about affiliate marketing as it has a very young audience as well as YouTube, which has a long-lasting effect but needs a careful approach.

YouTube and Twitch are mixed in terms of demographics. Affiliate links in the video reached many people, but things changed after YouTube and Twitch banned affiliate direct marketing. The Kirsten Open Show said Twitch can bring great value because it has a high-profile audience. She added that there are many new platforms to expand further.

Ben Jeffries, CEO and co-founder of influencer, discussed Facebook and Instagram as platforms for iGaming brand marketing. He said both of these social media services have fairly strict regulations, and the results can take a long time because influencers do the checks. When asked about the role of influencer and whether they should participate in brand awareness and ROI, experts said it depends on the size of the brand. For example, a small casino wants to see how many customers are playing again. Talking about goals while working with an influential influencer, Jefferies added that if the goal is awareness, it’s important to consider traffic in this case. When it comes to more regulated markets, it depends on the platform, but the metrics are click and transition values.

The Brand Ambassador was also the subject of the session, as the brand is a good solution for a mature regulatory market. Ben Jeffries is convinced that influencer marketing comes down to strategy. influencer Signs Up With Promotional Programs That Could Increase Brands’ Total Gaming Revenue. Paid media is a big part of the strategy, and combining it with influencer marketing can be effective. influencer marketing is a perfect complementary format for other marketing tools, such as PPCs. Experts emphasized that this type of promotion is not only for young people but also for older generations as more

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