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Online Gamblers Spend More Time and Money

Pennsylvania Interactive Gaming Ratings: Online Gambling Report 2023 identifies people gambling both offline and online as “dual mode gamblers.” Research shows dual mode gamblers participate in gambling once a week, while those gambling only in offline locations gamble two or three times a month.

Dual-mode gamblers spend much more time in terms of duration compared to offline gamblers. Gamblers in retail spent about 1.5 hours a month gambling, while dual-mode gamblers spent as much as 15 hours a month. 온라인카지노사이트

Unexpectedly, dual-mode gamblers also spent more money on gambling. Dual-mode gamblers spent $708 a month, while offline gamblers spent an average of $103 a month. The most popular gambling activity within the online gambling format was sports betting, according to a new report.

Lead author Glenn Stenner, an assistant professor of criminal justice in Abington, Pennsylvania and co-funding professor at the Institute for Social Sciences, said the new report shares valuable insights into the impact of iGaming advertising on families and communities across the state. Finally, he said the institute is committed to identifying issues related to iGaming activities, including monitoring problem gambling.

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