Sunday, 26th May 2024

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PA Gaming Control Board Fines $45,000

In a public meeting, Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board approved two agreements presented by the Commission’s Office of Enforcement Advisers, resulting in a total fine of $45,000:

  • Mountain View Thoroughbred Racing Association, LLC, Hollywood Casino operator of Penn National Race Course in Daupin County, fined $40,000 for three cases in which people under the age of 21 accessed the game and gambled
  • Lightning Gaming, Inc., a license slot machine manufacturer based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, will issue a $5,000 fine if it fails to notify the Board of any significant changes to its financial position.

A copy of the approved consent agreement providing details on these matters will be provided upon request through the Board Communications Office.

The Commission also took action against the OEC’s petition to ban four adults from all casinos in the Commonwealth for neglecting a total of six minors to participate in gaming activities: 파친코

  • A male patron has been placed on an involuntary exclusion list after he left his 1-year-old child in a locked vehicle with an outside temperature of 84 degrees for nine minutes to gamble on sportsbooks and table games in the parking lot of the Valley Posey Casino Resort in Montgomery County. Pennsylvania State Police broke the window of a car to get the child out, and the sponsor later tried to escape in a vehicle containing illegal drugs until police detained and removed him;
  • While a male patron gambled on a slot machine, two minors, ages 6 and 8, in Westmoreland County, for 13 minutes ‘Live! Casinos Pitts’ was placed on the involuntary exclusion list after being left in the parking lot;
  • Live two 10 and 13 year old minors for 24 minutes while a female patron gambles on a slot machine! He was placed on the involuntary exclusion list after being left in the casino’s Philadelphia parking lot,
  • A female patron has been placed on an involuntary exclusion list after leaving her 13-year-old child in the Sky Bridge corridor of a Mohegan Pennsylvania casino for 10 minutes while gambling on a slot machine.

The board’s action is a reminder that adults are prohibited from leaving minors in parking lots, garages, hotels, or other places in casinos because it creates potentially unsafe and dangerous conditions for children. Leaving minors in Pennsylvania casinos is not only excluded from all Pennsylvania casinos, it can also criminally prosecute perpetrators. To praise the casino’s efforts to alleviate this problem, the board created an awareness campaign called “Do not gamble with children.”