Saturday, 2nd December 2023

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Park Myung-soo, a man who disappeared from the history of Korean women’s basketball. He was dressed in Chinese clothes and stood in front of the tramp

The final Group A match between the South Korean women’s basketball team led by head coach Jeong Sun-min and China’s FIBA Australia Women’s Basketball Cup 2023 was held on the 28th. There was a scene that made me doubt my eyes at the Olympic Park Sports Center in Sydney, Australia. Former coach Park Myung-soo was on the bench as China’s coach.

Former coach Park is a disgrace and sinner in Korean women’s basketball. And it was erased from history and it was right to do so. In April 2007, when he was Woori Bank’s coach, he was arrested and indicted for sexually harassing his player during off-season training, and was eventually permanently expelled from the WKBL. 토토사이트

At that time, the court sentenced former director Park to 10 months in prison, two years of probation, and 200 hours of community service orders. It was the result of considering that he was a first-time offender and accidentally committed while drunk, and that he promoted the national prestige as a national team coach.

It was the most humiliating moment in the history of Korean women’s basketball. Former coach Park, who committed such a crime, is known to have ended his domestic life and continued his leadership career in China.

As a result of examining the data, former coach Park accompanied China from the final qualifying round for the 2022 FIBA Australia Women’s Basketball World Cup. It was difficult to determine the exact position until the World Cup, but he was confirmed as a coach from this Asian Cup.

South Korea has met with China, where former coach Park belongs, twice, including the World Cup finals and the Asian Cup. In other words, he has encountered a person he should never have encountered twice and even played a game.

China must have also gone through the process of confirming why former coach Park was permanently expelled from South Korea and the WKBL. However, he continued his leadership career in China without difficulty and eventually became a national team coach. It’s hard to understand by common sense.

At a time when South Korea’s defeat was strong and the victory was passed to China, former coach Park was smiling brightly with Chinese coaches and players. An unforgivable sinner in the history of Korean women’s basketball shows a smile just before Korea’s defeat. It was a moment of mixed emotions.

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