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Plans to expand the Treasure Island resort are still in progress

Treasure Island Resort & Casino is continuing its expansion plans and is aiming for completion in January. The $34 million project will add nearly 200,000 square feet to current facilities and improve existing space. The construction will focus on the casino’s game floors and main gates, administrative offices and warehouses. The casino is open throughout the construction.

The expansion will provide space for 800 new slot machines and eight blackjack tables, as well as increase space around existing games. The current casino floor is 62,000 square feet. About 100 new jobs will be added.

Dr. Neil Cornelius, general manager of Treasure Island Resort & Casino, said, “We need to expand to meet the growing needs of our customers.” “We’re very happy that our guests enjoy coming here that much. We want to accommodate our guests and provide the best possible entertainment experience.

“However insignificant it may be, I am sorry for the inconvenience our guests may experience as a result of this project,” Cornelius said. “But we’re sure our guests will really enjoy the results when next year comes.” 슬롯머신

Currently, Treasure Island Resort & Casino is a 375,000-square-foot facility that provides guests with the best gaming, lodging, food services, and nationally known entertainment in the casino industry. Treasure Island features over 1,600 slots and 50 blackjack tables in five Caribbean themed casinos; a 550-seat Irish Bingo Hall and a high stakes bingo in the state’s largest non-smoking gaming room. Treasure Island also has a 250-room hotel. With over 1,500 employees, Treasure Island Resort & Casino is the largest employer in Good Hue County.

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