Thursday, 13th June 2024

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Ponphun helps his colleagues receive training by hitting floater serve

Thai national team’s main setter Pon von Gedfarde, who is considered a world-class setter, seems to have completely melted into IBK Industrial Bank.

Now, she not only helps her training before the game, but also helps her teammates receive training and even acts as a coach. Why does she help her colleagues with receiving training.

On the 1st, the women’s division of Dodram 2023-2024 V-League, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea and Pepper Savings Bank held at Hwaseong Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province. Players from both teams came to the court an hour before the game and began training. Key players such as IBK Industrial Bank’s Kim Hee-jin and Hwang Min-kyung started with receiving training. However, it was Ponfun, not the coach, who hit the ball to the players. Ponfun’s serve is not strong but accurate. In particular, he was putting various serves to his teammates before the game because he was able to serve floater.

Unlike the men’s division, the women’s division does not have many strong spike serves. However, there is a floater serve that shakes the opponent’s defense. Floater serve is a technique that feels like the ball flies to the opponent’s court without rotating in the air when the ball is hit hard with the palm without breaking the wrist. Although it is slow, it shakes from side to side and it is impossible to predict where the flying ball will move, which embarrasses players who want to receive. You have to get a lot of floater serves to maintain that sense, but Ponfun helped his teammates train by putting them in.

Meanwhile, Ponfun is showing his true value the more he plays. In the match against the Korea Expressway Corporation on the 11th, she led IBK to a complete set score of 3-0 (25-20, 25-14, 25-15) with her seasoned game management and brilliant toss. The ball from her fingertips was fast and accurate, and the unpredictable toss embarrassed the Korea Expressway blockers.

Recently, women’s volleyball is experiencing a setter drought. There was a setter named Lee Da-young after the era of Kim Sani, Lee Hyo-hee, and Lee Sook-ja’s “Setter Troika,” but he was expelled from the domestic stage due to school violence (school violence) in the past along with rumors of team discord. Yeom Hye-sun continues the genealogy of the national team’s setter, but she has not been able to give stability due to her inconsistent performance recently. Currently, it is evaluated that it is difficult to succeed in international competitions with the skills of the main setters of women’s volleyball.

However, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea has adopted Thai national team setter Ponfun as a newly introduced Asian quarter system this season. Ponfun’s annual salary is around 130 million won, the largest in the Asian quarter. If you look at the total annual salary of Jeonggwanjang Yeom Hye-sun (350 million won), Pepper Savings Bank Lee Go-eun (330 million won), GS Caltex Ahn Hye-jin (280 million won), Korea Expressway Corporation Lee Yoon-jung (180 million won), Hyundai Engineering & Construction Kim Da-in (170 million won), Heungkuk Life Insurance Kim Da-sol (120 million won), and IBK Industrial Bank Kim Ha-kyung (122 million won), you can see how good the Ponpoon is. 스포츠토토사이트

The more the game is played, the more powerful Ponfun’s toss is. IBK is now able to link sharper attacks.

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