Thursday, 13th June 2024

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“Possible Round of 16 Confrontation” Saudi Group F No. 1, “Two People Leave” Kyrgyzstan 2-0 Overpower “Round of 16 Confirmed.”

Saudi Arabia’s national soccer team led by Coach Roberto Mancini won 2-0 in the second Group F match of the Qatar Asian Cup held at Ahmad bin Ali Stadium in Alaiyan, Qatar on Tuesday (Korea time). Saudi Arabia has secured two consecutive wins to advance to the round of 16. 토토사이트 순위

The match drew keen attention from fans. It was because of the possibility of Korea’s possible matchup to the round of 16 strongest teams. The Korean A team, led by Jurgen Klinsmann, is competing in Group E. The top-ranked team in Group E will face off against the second-ranked team in Group D, and the second-ranked team in Group E will face off against the first-ranked team in Group F. Korea is currently competing with Jordan in a record of one win and one draw (four points). The Korean team will determine its ranking according to the result of its third match against Malaysia on Saturday.

Depending on the situation, the team may be able to win the first place in Group F and the first round of the tournament. This is why the Korean staff went on an on-site inspection to check the match. “Three of the team members will watch the match in person. I plan to stay in the team and have interviews with the players,” Klinsmann said earlier. Saudi Arabia was most likely to be No. 1 in Group F. Saudi Arabia is ranked 56th in the FIFA rankings. It is the top ranking player in Group F. It is superior to Oman (74th), Kyrgyzstan (98th) and Thailand (113th).

The game has begun. Saudi Arabia set the tone early in the game. Kyrgyzstan’s Aizar Akhmatov was shown a red card for his rough tackle. The referee initially took out a yellow card, but the VAR result showed that the referee was dismissed. Saudi Arabia, which had gained a numerical advantage, took the lead by 1-0 thanks to Mohammed Kanno’s score in the 35th minute of the first half. Mancini cheered with his fists clenched. Saudi Arabia led the attack but failed to score additional points. The team ended the first half 1-0.

In the second half, Saudi Arabia set the tone again. In the seventh minute of the second half, Kyrgyzstan’s Kimi Merck was sent off again for a rough tackle. Merck’s initial decision was also a yellow card, but it was changed to a red card through VAR. With this, Kyrgyzstan disgraced itself with two players being sent off for the first time in the tournament.

Saudi Arabia took the reins of its attack. However, it failed to break through Kyrgyzstan’s wall. Faisel al-Ghamdi scored an additional goal in the 39th minute of the second half to widen the 2-0 gap. Saudi Arabia focused until the end and secured the victory. It confirmed its early advance to the round of 16. Meanwhile, Thailand beat Kyrgyzstan 2-0 in the previous match. Thailand had one win and one draw (four points), securing an advantageous position to advance to the round of 16.


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