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Postecoglou’s ‘tongue dribble’ dominated the locker room.

“A family atmosphere thanks to Enze”

Enze Postecoglou’s influence in the locker room has been immense.

Kulusebski told The Players’ Tribune: “The place I will miss the most when I leave Spurs is the locker room. I think a lot of our family-like atmosphere is due to coach Postecoglou, he’s brave and he makes players brave. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does, you can listen to him for hours.”

“Coach Postecoglou has been through a lot, and he often talks about what he learned from his father. It’s different from other coaches I’ve had. Everyone talks about tactics and winning. That’s good, but with Postecoglou it’s more meaningful. It’s about you as a person. It’s about you as a man and what you believe in,” he added.

“He says that it doesn’t matter if we lose because everyone loses in life. He tells us to never get away from ourselves because if we lose, we lose on our own terms. I want to live like that, and even if we face the best team, we will do it our way.”

Postecoglou took over at Tottenham ahead of the season. In fact, it wasn’t a priority for Spurs. In a past interview, Postecoglou said, “Nobody will say it, but I think I was the last man standing at Celtic and Tottenham. Tottenham were rejected by quite a few managers and in the end I was the only one left. It’s okay. I’ll take it,” he said.

Everyone was worried, but Postecoglou proved to be the right choice in his first season. With a cool tactical approach based on attacking soccer and a leadership style that brings the squad together, the team is on a roll. Here’s why we’re looking forward to years two and three.

The Spurs players trust Postecoglou, and it shows in the locker room. “He’s really special,” said captain Heung-min Son. It’s been a fantastic journey for him and us so far. When 토토사이트 he gave his team talk before the game, the way he spoke was amazing. It made my heart race and made such a difference that I felt like I wanted to go out on the field and give everything I had for him and for our club,” said the player.

“Postecoglou is a coach who is always looking for ways to improve and his approach to every game and style of play is a perfect fit for our players. We have a clear understanding of what he values in the team and I think he is doing a fantastic job.”

The Tottenham locker room is like a family. Arguably more so than any other season in recent memory.

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