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Public opinion against national team striker Hwang Ui-jo has already worsened to the point of aggravation

This is because additional suspicions continue to pour out despite the suspicion of illegal filming of sex acts. The public sentiment began to turn when it was reported that Hwang Ui-jo, who complained of damage from the video leak in June, was investigated by the police last month as a suspect on charges of illegal filming. When the video was circulated on social media (SNS), there were some public opinions that protected him, calling it “the personal life of a player.” However, even after Hwang Ui-jo was investigated by the police, his fans’ anger peaked as he played in an A-match against China wearing the national flag.

As the mood became unusual, the Korea Football Association (KFA) held a meeting on the Hwang Ui-jo case late and temporarily deprived the national team of its qualification. The main voice was that “the KFA’s decision was right,” but until then, some argued that “it is not too late to judge after the case is closed.” Since the guilt has not been determined, there were few fans who defended Hwang Ui-jo.

It is often said that when celebrities such as stars and athletes are caught in certain charges, they put a neutral gear. The intention is not to treat celebrities who have not been convicted as sinners in accordance with the principle of presumption of innocence. 파칭코

However, the presumption of innocence is also becoming useless to Hwang. This is because Hwang’s response drew public backlash. The law firm that represents Hwang last month claimed that it had agreed on the allegations of illegal filming and disclosed personal information that could identify the victim, saying, “The other woman is a public figure who is engaged in broadcasting and is even married.” Naturally, criticism arose that he was a “second offender,” and the supporters who supported him began to slowly disappear.

It was not the end. As more and more people complained of the damage, and suspicions grew, Hwang Ui-jo’s fan sentiment toward him cooled even more. Recently, another woman, not on the victim’s side, claimed that Hwang Ui-jo recorded an exposure video without his consent during a video call. It is too early to conclude that Hwang Ui-jo is guilty, but the evil situation is being pointed out as it snowballed.

Whether Hwang Ui-jo is guilty or not is no longer recognized as important. This is because his moral hazard continues to be discovered. Above all, the fans’ disappointment reached its peak that the “national team” that should instill dreams and hopes in growing sprouts and set an example for others caused controversy over sex scandals.

Some say that they will play soccer in their home. This means that we should worry about the life of Hwang Ui-jo, a natural person, rather than worrying about the national team’s career. Regarding Hwang Ui-jo’s alleged second offense, a police official recently said, “We cannot reveal it in detail because the investigation is underway, but we have secured faithful and solid evidence.” Fans can no longer see the scandal caused by Hwang Ui-jo as a “neutral gear” position.

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