Sunday, 26th May 2024

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Real has wanted Mbappe for years. Karim Benzema, who was in charge of Real’s attack for 14 seasons, left for Al Ithad in Saudi Arabia last summer.

The Real has a strong will to reorganize its offense team around Mbappe. If Mbappe moves to Real, the next generation of emperors will be able to play in a single team. Bellingham moved to Real last summer and has emerged as a team ace and world class. In addition, he is expected to play with young strikers such as Vinicius Junior and Rodrigo.

However, if Mbappe leaves for Real, he will no longer be able to see Lee. The two players are showing off fantastic teamwork this season. This season, Lee Kang-in has established himself as a solid starting member of PSG, as he was used as a flanker and a central midfielder under Luis Enrique. 파워볼게임

In particular, he is making fans’ eyes happy by stabbing quality passes and crosses to Mbappe on the front line. The match against Brest in the 10th round was the highlight. Lee Kang-in, who started as a right winger, and Mbappe’s fantastic joint goal came out. Lee Kang-in recorded his first help and first help of the season since his historic Ligue 1 debut. In the 28th minute of the first half, Lee Kang-in stabbed a sharp forward pass from his side toward Mbappe in front. Lee Kang-in’s outfront pass stood out. Mbappe, who received the pass, hit a shot after dribbling through and shook the net. Mbappe pointed his hand at Lee Kang-in immediately after the score, and Lee ran to hug Mbappe. The two who collaborated on the goal laughed brightly.

In the match against Montpellier in the 11th round, their teamwork was also brilliant. Mbappe was involved in Lee Kang-in’s second goal of the season. In the 10th minute of the first half, Achiraf Hakimi penetrated the right side and kicked a low cross to Lee Kang-in with a sense, and Lee Kang-in shook the net with a powerful left-footed shot. It was Lee Kang-in’s debut goal in League 1.

Lee Kang-in and Mbappe were selected as the Round Best 11 of the League 1 Secretariat. In November last year, the League 1 Secretariat announced the 10th Round Best 11 of the 2023-2024 Season League 1 through its official channel, with Lee Kang-in taking the position of right midfielder and Mbappe at the front line in the 4-3-3 formation. Lee Kang-in was named in the Round Best 11 by leading media this season, but it was the first time that he was selected as the Round Best 11 by League 1 himself.

It also appeared on a poster made by the League 1 secretariat to celebrate Christmas, drawing attention. On the poster, Lee Kang-in is posing in front of the Christmas tree alongside Mbappe. Mbappe is seen with both hands under his arm, his signature ceremony. Lee Kang-in is smiling brightly while holding a PSG uniform. Coach Luis Enrique can also be seen. This is the setting where Enrique took a picture of the two players in a mobile phone selfie mode.

In addition, League 1 also released a poster where nine star players sat together, featuring Lee Kang-in and Mbappe. The two are wearing Christmas sweaters along with Takumi Minamino (AS Monaco), Junya Ito (Lance), Polarin Balogun (AS Monaco), and Dante (Nice). A poster of Lee Kang-in busy decorating Christmas trees with Mbappe also appeared.

Lee Kang-in has a reputation as representing PSG as much as Mbappe. Recently, League 1 reported that Lee Kang-in is exerting more influence than Mbappe in PSG. League 1 said on the 1st, “This Korean’s name stands out more than Mbappe. Lee Kang-in’s uniform is selling like hot cakes at PSG, and Korean tourists continue to flock to the Parc des Princes.” “PSG is simply crazy for Lee Kang-in. The 22-year-old midfielder, who joined Majorca last summer, sold more uniforms than Mbappe. Europeans may not have realized it yet, but PSG has a true superstar.” League 1 said, “PSG is benefiting greatly from the existence of Lee Kang-in. In addition to being a useful resource for coach Luis Enrique, PSG is gaining more popularity than ever in Asia.”

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