Sunday, 26th May 2024

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Regulators have recognized BlueBet’s cooperation

Magistrate Judge Greg Thomas said he couldn’t accept BlueBet’s claim that he didn’t know BlueBet’s ads were in violation of the law. Given the primary location of billboards targeting men between the ages of 15 and 54, Thomas found the operator’s defense “unacceptable.”

Thomas added that if the breach was truly accidental, it would mean a “high degree of negligence” by BlueBet. He added that he was prepared to fine BlueBet AUD 70,000 but reduced the charges thanks to the operator’s plea deal, cooperation with VGCCC and corrective action.

VGCCC’s chief executive, Annette Kimmitt, agreed with the ruling. She also noted that gambling advertisements should not be seen on public roads “easily visible to children and other vulnerable groups.” 경마사이트

Authorities have urged the public to contact authorities via phone or complaint and reporting pages to report instances of illegal advertising.

In other news related to BlueBet, the operator recently wrapped up a historic merger with Better. The news led to a temporary surge in the former’s stock, although the stock’s value normalized in a matter of days.

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