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Reporter in charge of Toronto, “I could catch Otani and even catch Ryu Hyun-jin”…Wild move Toronto, are you really going to work?

Until now, it seems like a two-way race between the Dodgers and Toronto. No, it is not strange to see Toronto as the candidate who is ahead of the Ohtani recruitment race. This is because media reports with similar nuances are pouring in.

The Athletic, a U.S. sports media outlet, said, “Otani is believed to have visited the Toronto Spring Camp training site in Dunedin, Florida, on the 5th. Coach John Schneider was scheduled to meet with reporters at the winter meeting on the 5th, but he changed his schedule, and general manager Ross Atkins also met with reporters through an online video connection.” 온라인경마

Schneider stood in front of reporters on the 6th, and after being asked four times if he met Ohtani the day before, he said, “I will not disclose where and who I met.”

The Toronto Sun, a Canadian newspaper, said, “Schneider and his team officials kept silent about Ohtani,” adding, “However, he did not spare any praise for Ohtani.” “Ohtani has a talent that has never been seen in the baseball world,” Schneider said.

Reporter Keegan Maderson, who is in charge of Toronto at MLB.COM operated by the Major League Baseball Secretariat, also acknowledged as an article that Ohtani has a big contact with Toronto.

The article said, “The Toronto Blue Jays’ push to recruit Shohei Ohtani has sent Toronto into a frenzy. People’s eyes are getting bigger and bigger at the thought that baseball’s brightest star will cross the border to the north.”

“At the three-day MLB Winter Meetings, Blue Jays officials avoided or avoided questions about Ohtani. But what’s clear is that the Blue Jays are the likely finalists with a realistic chance to secure the biggest transfer in franchise history,” he said.

Not only that. The media mentioned the possibility of a reunion between Ryu Hyun-jin and Toronto. There is a possibility that Toronto will reunite with Ryu Hyun-jin to add the depth of the rotation.

“Coach John Schneider will give Alec Manoah a chance to take the fifth starting position, but we need to strengthen the starting lineup in case he is not as healthy as he has been in years past 2024,” the corresponding reporter said. Then, the name of Ryu Hyun-jin came out.

“The Blue Jays are not in a hurry and will wait for the big contracts to be dealt with first in the offseason. When the right situation comes, Toronto is open to the possibility of a reunion with Ryu. Make sure you keep that name in mind.”

Toronto is not a team that absolutely needs Ryu Hyun-jin. This is because the starting lineup is so solid. With Chris Bassett, Jose Berrios and Kevin Gausman, and Yusei Kikuchi doing well this year, Ryu’s position has been further reduced. Ryu was not even included in the postseason entry.

In return, however, he is also the team that knows Ryu’s current status and future value best. In addition, with the addition of Ohtani, Toronto could quickly emerge as an absolutely influential team in Asia if Ryu is re-introduced.

In fact, up to a week ago, the nonsense might have been dismissed. This is because there is a story that $500 million is basic for Ohtani alone.

However, the current atmosphere and strong will of Toronto are not entirely impossible. Rather, the local atmosphere is that there is a good chance that such a thing will happen.

The Yankees seem to be recruiting Soto in a trade. Toronto, however, is getting even more popular. The Al-Dongbu is getting heated up.

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