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Resorts World Las Vegas To Launch Next Generation Cashless

Resorts World Las Vegas and Sightline announced the launch of the second generation of cashless technology, delivering an unprecedentedly functional experience and greatly enhancing the omnichannel consumer journey. The update includes remote identification and registration of royalties and payments, biometric authentication, and a single “digital wallet” user experience.

The update improves functionality, along with significant improvements that dramatically reduce the customer’s “playtime,” which is a major measurable indicator for sponsor adoption of cashless technology. Prior to remote identification, sponsors in Nevada were not allowed to use their accounts for cashless games until their IDs were verified on the property by resort staff. Resort World Las Vegas is the first casino in Nevada where guests can register, verify, and fund anywhere in the world in just minutes. 카지노사이트 순위

The ability of game operators to take advantage of remote identification was led by Sightline after pleading with the Nevada Gaming Commission to change the state’s gaming rules.

“We applaud Resort World Las Vegas for thinking so progressively, working so hard to create the best user experience possible, and advancing the entire industry,” said Omer Sattar, co-CEO of Sightline. “The breakthrough technology builds on its own, and this second generation makes cashless gaming more accessible and offers customers a better overall experience. We look forward to working with Resort World Las Vegas on future generations.”

Resort World Las Vegas made history when it opened as the first casino on the Las Vegas Strip in June 2021. The innovation is driven by a close collaboration between Resort World and Siteline, the continued supervision and input of the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s technical department, and the independent testing of Gaming Laboratories International.

The Resorts World Las Vegas Mobile+ app is now the first omnichannel cashless wallet to use biometric features on a sponsor’s mobile device for enhanced security and ease of use, and it’s also the first to implement a single wallet. Previously, it went through a two-step process where guests had to move funds from their Play+ accounts to their waging accounts before transferring them to slot machines or table games. Guests will then have to transfer funds back to their Play+ accounts if they want to use their funds throughout the resort. Now, this process simplifies the user experience by allowing guests to play or use funds from a single wallet, which happens seamlessly behind it.

“When we launched Mobile+ and Play+ technologies, we knew it was going to be an iterative process, as we were going to continue making improvements and improvements for our guests,” said Rick Hutchins, SVP Casino Operators at Resorts World Las Vegas. “Today, we’ve greatly reduced the time and hassle of people trying to sign up for Genting Rewards when they take advantage of cashless games and visit resorts. We’re delighted that we’re at the forefront of simplifying our process by giving our guests more time to focus on what they’re doing here.”

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