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“Respect association decision” Klinsmann…Hwang Eui-jo withdraws from the national team’s provisional exit “You have to have great morality and responsibility.”

“The association cannot predict and conclude an investigation. However, the national team should have great morality and a sense of responsibility. We are in a position not to do anything that could damage the national team’s reputation.”

Hwang Ui-jo (31, Norwich City) was accused of illegal filming. As it is a serious matter, attention was focused on whether to select the national team after the A-match in November. The position of the Korea Football Association (KFA) was a tentative exit.

From 3:30 p.m. on the 28th, the Korea Football Association (KFA) attended the soccer center to discuss Hwang Ui-jo, who has recently been suspected of illegal filming.

The conclusion after more than an hour of discussion was “withdrawal.” After the meeting, the association concluded that it would not select Hwang Ui-jo for the national team until a clear conclusion was reached on the facts. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Lee Yun-nam, Chairman of the Ethics Committee, Kim Won-geun, Vice Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, Michael Mueller, Park Tae-ha, Vice Chairman of the Power Reinforcement Committee, Choi Young-il, and Chung Hae-sung, chairman of the competition, attended the meeting.

Lee Yoon-nam, chairman of the ethics committee who presided over the meeting, said, “The dispute over whether the crime is still ongoing and the association cannot make a prediction and conclusion on the matter under investigation,” but added, “The national team should have great morality and responsibility. As a player representing the country, you have to manage yourself and you are in a position not to do anything that can damage the reputation of the national team.”

“We considered that Hwang Ui-jo is under investigation as a suspect in the case under investigation, that this made it difficult for the national team to perform normally, and that the level of soccer fans’ expectations for the national team increased. We judged that it was inappropriate to select Hwang Ui-jo as a member of the national team,” he added.

The reason why the association gave the withdrawal goes back to this summer. Around June, a video of Hwang Ui-jo’s revelation was posted on social networking services (SNS). A, who claimed to have met Hwang Ui-jo as a lover, said on SNS, “Hwang Ui-jo had a relationship with a number of women. I caused harm to them and gaslighted them,” and distributed videos and photos of Hwang Ui-jo and women on the Internet account.

The video and photos have spread to everyone including soccer fans. Recognizing this, Hwang announced in November last year that his mobile phone had been stolen and that he had received a threat to distribute the video on his phone. He said he would search for the distributor and hold him legally responsible, signaling a tough response.

Hwang was questioned by the police as a victim of dissemination. However, the police changed Hwang to a suspect while investigating and tracking down the video and distributors. Under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act, Hwang was summoned for questioning on charges of illegal filming. Hwang, who was selected as a member of the second qualifying round for the Asia region of the FIFA World Cup in November, followed by warm-up matches with Tunisia and Vietnam in October, attended the police on Wednesday and was questioned as a suspect.

Hwang Ui-jo’s position could not be heard after the Chinese away game. Instead, Dae-hwan, a law firm that served as Hwang Ui-jo’s legal representative, said, “This is a video that was captured on Hwang Ui-jo’s personal cell phone, which was lost in Greece in November 2022. It shows a woman who dated Hwang Ui-jo in the past, but what is clear is the video agreed upon between the lovers. Hwang Ui-jo has neither possessed nor leaked the video.”

“Not only the video, but also the private conversations he had with his acquaintances have been leaked, threatening Hwang Ui-jo. It is a very malicious killing of Hwang Ui-jo. This incident started with Hwang Ui-jo as the victim of the video leak. Even now, this fact does not change. Hwang Ui-jo feels deeply regret and responsibility for his past lover who was affected by the incident. I promise to sincerely cooperate with investigative agencies in the future,” he said.

When Hwang Ui-jo’s side took this position, the victim’s female side refuted the claim, saying it was different from the truth. Lee Eun-ui, the legal representative of the victim, said, “I had never agreed to film the video. I did not like it, and demanded it be deleted immediately after the filming.” The victim’s intention to reject it and request to delete it, but Hwang Ui-jo ignored it. Illegal filming was repeated. Some cases were not aware of the filming itself while investigating the incident. Hwang Ui-jo contacted the victim in late June and informed him to “complain with the distributor” to catch the distributor quickly. The victim was embarrassed, but he had to worry that additional damage could occur if he could not catch the distributor. After much consideration, he officially filed a complaint with the police for illegal distribution of the distributor and illegal filming of Hwang Ui-jo.”

As Hwang Ui-jo’s legal representative and the victim’s legal representative had different opinions, a battle of truth continued. Hwang Ui-jo’s side said, “The imaging device used during sexual intercourse was a regular mobile phone used by Hwang Ui-jo. There was no need to hide it, and we filmed it in a clearly visible place. The other person also recognized this and responded to the relationship. I watched the video with a woman who was in a relationship. The other side claimed it was illegal because there was no explicit agreement, but as they continued to have long-term relationships, they repeatedly filmed and deleted it under mutual recognition.”

“The other person is a public figure who is active in broadcasting and is even married. We refrained from officially responding to prevent women’s identity from being exposed as much as possible. We tried to reveal the truth through strict investigation by investigative agencies,” he said.

However, the controversy escalated into secondary damage as Hwang revealed that his partner is a public figure and is even married. According to the report, Hwang revealed part of the victim’s personal information. In response, Lee Soo-jung, a professor of criminal psychology at Kyunggi University, told YTN’s The News that it is difficult to respond like that unless it is intentional. Hwang’s statement contains information that can specify the victim’s identity. It is considered intentional that the disclosure was made as if threatening through a legal representative. Various crime names can be applied, but the Basic Law on the Prevention of Violence against Women clearly identifies secondary damage.

Police secured 4 mobile phones and 1 laptop owned by Hwang Ui-jo to conduct forensics. Suspicions have spread that there may be more illegal filming during the investigation. Hwang Ui-jo’s legal representative shook his head at the related suspicion, announcing, “This is a normal investigation procedure. There are no additional videos other than those leaked by the leaker.”

When he was changed from a leaked video victim to a suspected illegal filming, he raised questions about his qualifications for the national team. Although it is the principle of presumption of innocence, it was pointed out whether he could represent the country in a situation of great social controversy. Article 6 (Maintaining integrity and dignity) of the national soccer team also stipulated that “as a representative of the country, we should refrain from degrading our own dignity and maintain social responsibility and morality.”

The controversy escalated when Hwang participated in the second Asian qualifying match against China for the North-China World Cup in November. Related information spread to some media outlets in China. Chinese media “Hong Kong 01” said ahead of the match against China, “Hwang Ui-jo came to China for the second qualifying match for the North-China World Cup and was caught up in a scandal again. In June this year, Hwang Ui-jo’s sexual intercourse video was leaked. An SNS account accused Hwang of emotionally manipulating many women and having relationships with several women at the same time.”

Hwang took the field as a substitute in the match against China. “The association should take stern disciplinary measures including Hwang’s ban on the national team,” Lee Yong-ho, the ruling party secretary of the National Assembly’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee, said in a Facebook post. Hwang is a social public figure. If the illegal filming was made to go beyond moral controversy and spread without consent, he is clearly subject to criminal punishment. The government should immediately take stern measures to prevent people from feeling unpleasant anymore due to unpleasant news,” he said, demanding the team be disqualified.

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