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Rhys Pax, D-Aaron Pax’s wife, explained the noticeable improvement in his 3-pointer.

Reece replied to a post on SNS X (formerly Twitter) on the 20th that Pax had put more than five in three games this season.

According to the post, the Pax made five or more 3-pointers throughout last season, with four games. And there are three games in the 20-21 season. However, Pax, who played in seven NBA games during the 2023-24 season, has already caught up with the 20-21 season record.

In this regard, his wife Reece, referring to coach Luke Rocks, said, “After yesterday’s practice, he didn’t even take the bus back to the hotel and let Pax practice shooting. So let’s all thank him,” he left a comment. In response, Coach Rocks said, “He’s practicing. Keep pushing the accelerator,” he applauded Pax’s efforts.

In his seventh season in the NBA, the Pax is directing his shooting abilities for the Sacramento Kings.

He leads the team with a 41.7 percent success rate of 3-pointers per game. Sacramento is 6-1 when he played. 스포츠토토

Pax’s improved shot allowed him to play the game in a variety of ways. Pax, who was named an All-Star last season, averaged 25 points and proved this season with 31.9 points.

Pax also has a smooth record of 6.1 assists in seven games, with teammates such as Domantas Sabonis, Harrison Barnes, Keegan Murray and Kevin Herder.

The most noticeable thing about his record is his 8.6 attempts at 3-pointers per game. Excluding this year, he has an average of 3.8 3-point attempts. Therefore, it proved that Pax throws shots with the confidence he gained through practice.

Pax, meanwhile, has led Sacramento to its sixth straight win since missing five games with an ankle injury. Sacramento ranks fourth in the Western Conference with 8 wins and 4 losses.

While Pax is constantly trying to become the best of the three-point shooter, much attention is being paid to how far he can lead Sacramento this season.

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