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Roulette Perhaps the Oldest Casino Game

It is said that the ancient Romans used chariot wheels to spin while playing lucky games, but the true shape of the game in casinos around the world was in France. The most plausible origin is of Blaise Pascal, a famous French mathematician and scientist. Legend has it that he went on vacation while gambling at a casino in Paris. Then he made the first roulette game in 1657.

The forerunner of modern roulette, a version appeared in England around 1720. Called Roly Poly, the game was banned in England under the Gaming Act of 1739 and 1740. Bath’s master of ceremonies, Bosnash, evaded this law by inventing a simplified version of the game called EO. It was also quickly discovered and banned in 1745. 온라인경마

In the late 1700s, we see the first roulette wheel that looks like a roulette wheel that we’re all familiar with. Back in the game’s origin, roulette wheels found in casinos in France had black and red numbers with the same table layout. French roulette had two zero numbers, single and double zero, on the wheel.

In 1842, two brothers, Francois and Louis Blanc, left France, where gambling was illegal at the time, and moved to Germany, where gambling was not. This created one zero wheel, which was a huge success because the benefits of the house were reduced. Eventually, Germany banned gambling and Louis Blanc went to Monaco and founded the famous Monte Carlo Casino for a price of 2 million francs.

The French brought roulette to America by introducing it in New Orleans in the early 19th century. The 00 wheel remains popular in the country and is now known as the “American Wheel”, while the 0 wheel remains the version of its choice in Europe and is called the “French Wheel”.

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