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Salah returned to Liverpool for treatment → Egyptian legend Anger, “Are you the captain of the team?”

There are a lot of controversies over Salah’s treatment. Salah injured his left hamstring on Wednesday (Korea Standard Time). The match will take place in Côte d’Ivoire, Africa, in the second Group B match between Egypt and Ghana.

Salah started as the main striker in Egypt and lay on the ground at the end of the first half. He felt pain in his left thigh. The British media Daily Mail immediately reported that Salah appears to have suffered a hamstring injury.

In the end, Salah left the ground. He failed to return to the game afterwards. Egypt drew 2-2 with Ghana after suffering. Salah looked devastated as she left the ground. Fellows of the Egyptian team tried to comfort the captain. As such, the hamstring injury did not seem to be as light.

However, the exact test revealed that Salah’s injury was not his hamstring. He had to be absent for a while due to back muscle problems. Liverpool announced, “Salah has started treatment for her muscle injury. She will work on intensive rehabilitation programs with Liverpool’s medical staff.”

The controversy arose afterwards. Salah did not return to his home country of Egypt for treatment of his back injury, but to England. The Egyptian Football Association said on Tuesday, “Salah is going to Liverpool, England. This is to recover from her injury. Medical staff of the Egyptian national soccer team and Liverpool discussed Salah’s injury with each other. As a result, we decided that it would be better to get treatment in Liverpool.”

Liverpool announced, “Sala has started treatment for muscle injuries. We will work on intensive rehabilitation programs with Liverpool medical staff.” In general, if you are injured while participating in an international competition, it is common to get treatment there or return to your home country. In particular, Sala still has hope of returning to the Nations Cup. “The best-case scenario is to get well-treated in England and return to Africa and rejoin the Egypt national team,” Sala’s agent even said in person.

However, Salah chose England, which is farther away than Egypt. He thinks that his treatment in Liverpool is better than receiving treatment in Egypt. Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp explained that Ivory Coast, where the Nations Cup is held, is not suitable as an environment for treating Salah. 토토사이트 순위

Public opinion within Egypt is not good. Salah is the captain of the Egyptian national soccer team. He is a symbol of Egyptian soccer. Such a Salah goes to England, not Egypt, for treatment. This could lead to distrust in the Egyptian medical community. It also affects the morale of the Egyptian national team, which is currently participating in the Cup of Nations.

Intervention by Liverpool medical staff also comes as inconvenient for Egypt. Ahmed Hassan, one of the legends of the Egyptian soccer, personally criticized Salah. Born in 1975, Hassan played for Egypt’s national team for 17 years from 1995 to 2012. He played 184 A-match games. He led Egypt to win the Cup of Nations and was named MVP in 2006 and 2010 competitions. Prior to Salah, he was a star player representing Egypt.

This kind of Hasan touched Salah himself. Hasan said, “Sala left the Egyptian national team. Even if he returns, there is a possibility that he will be with Liverpool’s medical staff. Liverpool’s influence, not Egypt, could strongly influence whether Salah will participate or not.”

“Sala is the captain of the Egyptian national soccer team. Even if he could not play, he should have stayed with the team. Salah himself said of the Egyptian national team that he represents the entire Egypt, not Salah’s. This is true. If so, he should not have gone to England.”

It didn’t stop there. “The Egyptian players in Ivory Coast right now are all full of confidence. They fight for the championship. But Salah didn’t do that,” Hasan said. “His absence alone could damage Egyptian soccer. The players’ morale has dropped. I always supported Salah. I was satisfied with his presence as the captain of the Egyptian national team. But he should not have gone to England. He is the captain of Egypt. No matter how serious the injury is, he should remain with the team. All players fight for the championship on the field.”

Salah’s injury is not a big deal. So far, it is unclear whether he will return to the Nations Cup. “Salah’s injury is worse than I first thought. He will be sidelined for about 21 to 28 days. Currently, Salah is undergoing intensive rehabilitation in the U.K. The best scenario is that he will rejoin the Egypt national team as soon as he becomes fit,” Salah said.

It is also a shock to Liverpool and Klopp. Shortly after Salah’s injury, Klopp said, “I was shocked at the moment I heard about his injury. I had a talk with Salah last night and asked him about his injury,” adding, “I don’t know anything about Salah’s injury yet. Those injuries require further examination. We are in progress now, and we will know more about it until it is over.” Klopp then said, “We will probably take ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Next, we need to see what Egypt is planning. It is too early to make a statement.”

Egypt, which aims to win the title due to Salah’s absence, is in the red. Egypt, which has the most Nations Cup titles in seven times, was one of the strongest contenders again this time. However, we cannot be sure of its victory as of now. The same applies to Liverpool. Liverpool is leading the Premier League with 14 wins, six draws, and one loss with 48 points. The team is leading its rival Manchester City by five points. Salah is the core of Liverpool’s history. With 14 goals, it is tied for first in scoring along with Erling Holland in terms of goals scored by both teams and the Premier League as a whole.

Liverpool, which already had to endure Salah’s absence in January and February due to the transfer of the Nations Cup, is on alert. The probability of winning the Premier League varies greatly depending on the extent of Salah’s injury and the length of his recovery. Salah’s injury, which is bigger than expected, has put Liverpool and Egypt on the verge of winning the championship.

The injury could also affect Liverpool and Salah’s renewal. Liverpool is seeking an extension with Salah, whose contract ends in the summer of 2025. They want to extend their contract for another year. Salah is also positive about renewing his contract with Liverpool.

The terms and conditions are still pending. It will likely be a tug of war in the U.K. over the extension of his contract. Salah wants a long-term contract. The variable is Saudi Arabia. Al-Itihad of Saudi Arabia hopes to recruit Salah for a huge amount of money. It plans to pay a whopping 2.45 million pounds a week alone. Michael Emenalo, director of soccer at the Saudi Arabian League, openly expressed his interest, saying, “Salah is one of the best players on the planet. I once said that I welcome anyone who wants to come to the Saudi League including Salah.”

Meanwhile, Egypt failed to secure even one win in the Nations Cup group league. Despite being considered as a potential winner, the team showed poor performance. With only three draws, it advanced to the round of 16 as the second-ranked team in the group. Originally, Salah was scheduled to join the national team if Egypt advances to the semifinals. The semifinals of the Nations Cup will take place on Feb. 8. However, as Salah’s agent said, if he is absent for at least three weeks and up to a month, he will not be able to play in the Cup of Nations. It is not possible to play in actual matches until March.

Liverpool, which is fiercely competing with Manchester City for No. 1 spot in the Premier League, also lost its footing. Without Salah, who takes up an absolute share of the team’s offense, it is certain that the team will lose its hindsight at the end of the season. Egyptian and Liverpool plans are being twisted due to Salah’s unexpected injury. When asked about Salah’s return schedule, Klopp declined to comment. “I don’t know. I’ve talked to Salah on the phone since his injury. I’ve also kept in touch with Liverpool’s medical team to check his physical condition.”


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