Thursday, 13th June 2024

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‘Save king, the salary is super awesome’ 26500 → 450 million won…Noh Kyung-eun-Ko Hyo-joon also raises significantly

SSG officially announced the result of its 2024 season salary contract on Wednesday. Seo Jin-yong, who became the “save king” of the KBO League with 42 saves in the 2023 season, recorded the highest amount of increase. Seo signed 450 million won, an increase of 185 million won (69.8 percent) from 260 million won (265 million won) in annual salary in the 2023 season. He also recorded the highest annual salary among those who are eligible for renewal of his contract.

Veteran duo in their 40s who struggled in the bullpen. Noh and Ko have also seen significant increases. Last season, Noh played in as many as 76 games out of 144 games and recorded nine wins, five losses and second place in the 30-hold league. Noh completed his contract at 270 million won, up 100 million won (58.8 percent) from 170 million won in annual salary, and Ko completed his contract at 153 million won, up 68 million won (80 percent) from 85 million won.

Park Sung-han, who played full-time shortstop for three consecutive years, entered the 300 million won range for his first annual salary since his debut with 300 million won (11.1 percent, 30 million won increase). Lee Rowoon, who joined the team last year as a high school graduate and showed growth in the full pen, recorded the club’s highest increase rate with a 44 million won (146.7 percent) increase to 74 million won.

In addition, SSG concluded contracts with Ha Jae-hoon worth 100 million won (81.8 percent ↑ 45 million won ↑), Cho Hyung-woo worth 63 million won (96.9 percent ↑ 31 million won ↑), Lee Kun-wook worth 61 million won (96.8 percent ↑ 30 million won), and Choi Min-joon worth 144 million won (10.8 percent ↑ 14 million won ↑). As a result, SSG was the first among the 10 KBO League teams to complete annual salary contracts. 슬롯머신

Seo Jin-yong, who finished his contract, said, “I felt a lot of pressure as I took on the heavy responsibility as the closing pitcher last year, but the good result as the ‘save king’ gave me an opportunity to grow as well. I will continue to prepare well for the rest of the off-season so that I can enjoy 24 seasons in good health.”

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