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Senecas is planning a casino in Chiktowaga

“A new casino planned near Buffalo Niagara International Airport is expected to be the most profitable of the three casinos that Seneca Indians will operate,” a tribal official said.

The Seneca Tribal Council on Saturday approved the purchase of 57 acres near the airport to build a casino about twice the size of one in Niagara Falls. Tribal leaders said they hope to open a new casino by New Year’s Eve, but it may not be ready until next spring.

“The findings indicate that Cheektowaga will be the biggest gaming site,” Bergal L. Mitchell, a member of the Tribal Council and a board member of the Seneca Gaming Company, told Buffalo News on Sunday.

The purchase of the land ended speculation that the Seneca would open a third and final casino in Buffalo. The tribe is preparing to open a casino in a conservation area in Salamanca and opened one in Niagara Falls on December 31, 2002.

The state and the U.S. Department of the Interior must approve various aspects of the Chictooga casino plan. 카지노사이트 순위

Seneca Chairman Ricky Armstrong said Cheektowaga Casino will start with about 1,800 slot machines, 30 to 50 gambling stations, two restaurants, and an entertainment space. Cheektowaga Casino will likely end up with as many as 4,000 slot machines.

Tribal leaders said Chiktowa’s site will open with about 800 employees and grow to about 1,500.

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