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Skrill at Online Casino: Cheat Notes for Operators

Because some countries prohibit visas and mastercards from gambling platforms, operators must find new solutions to meet the needs of all their customers. Skril attracts many operators because it guarantees secure Internet payments without too much commission.

Basic information about the payment system
Skril is an e-commerce platform that allows customers to make international remittances. The former owner is Skrill Limited, a company licensed to operate in the European Union. In addition, here you can read useful information about obtaining a license for gambling in Europe. But now the service belongs to PaySafe Group, a company that also owns payment systems such as Neteller and PaySafeCard. The characteristic of the service is the low fee, which is a great advantage.

Payment via Skril: Safe remittance
Skril is a convenient payment service provider for international online casinos because it is available in 40 currencies. Users in the following countries can create a scrill account: 파칭코


The system ensures the safety of all remittances and immediate transactions. If the user does not know the details of the recipient’s account, he or she can use the email address.

For Skrill fees, they depend on services and payment systems. For example, deposits have very low fees, and some payment methods don’t even require them. In general, the cost of this service will not be higher than 1% of the total amount. The rate at which funds are withdrawn is higher. It’s about 7.5 per cent. Skrill customers can also use the service to buy cryptocurrency, but they will have to pay a fee. The same goes for additional services. Chargeback will cost €25 for transactions, and prohibited payments will cost €150.

How to use Skrill for Casino?

First, it is worth mentioning that one of Skrill’s underlying niche markets is online gambling. It’s not surprising because the system is fast and secure and players can pay for the game at any time. This is the main reason why many virtual casinos use Skrill.

So, why should virtual casinos consider Skrill as a payment method for players? The answer is self-evident: it can help access users in developing countries with no alternative. However, citizens of these countries are potential customers of online casinos. Skrill can be a bridge between online gambling platforms and players from anywhere in the world.

The next reason for using Skril in the casino market is that the company knows how to work with the gambling industry and overcome all obstacles and risks. Gambling is one of its focus, so operators won’t have any trouble setting this payment option on the website.

Is it difficult for users to create a Skrill account?

Users can easily create a free Skrill account. In addition to online accounts, customers can order prepaid cards based on either dollar, euro, Polish zlotys or pound currencies.

To register with the system, you must provide all necessary information, including your first name, last name, residence, and currency. After creating an account, you can replenish your balance and use Skrill to make payments at online casinos.

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