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Slot Spotlight: What is buying features?

The concept of buying bonuses or features was piloted for the first time in 2017 on Big Time Gaming’s (BTG) white-rabbit slots. It’s a slot machine that allows players to buy their way into the main bonus round, usually the free-rotation round, in slot games. This isn’t the same as spinning slots and hitting sequential bonus symbols to earn tickets.

Basically, bonus buying is an expensive shortcut to the most lucrative round in slot games. Many players use it because they believe that the cost will balance the reward achieved in the round and will naturally save them on multiple rotations before starting the game. However, the bonus game’s win is not guaranteed, nor is it a big reward. 토토사이트

Why is feature buying UK banned?
In the two years before feature purchases were banned in UK slots, many games included increased equity and player engagement. However, in 2019, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) banned feature purchases in UK slot games.

So why did the UKGC ban it? Like most things that the UKGC is tough on, it was just a case of protecting players and part of an overall strategy for more responsible gambling.

The UKGC’s Remote Gambling and Technology Software Standard states that as part of its rules on responsible game design: “Gambling products should not actively encourage customers to chase losses, increase equity, increase the amount they decide to gamble on, or continue gambling after indicating what they want to stop.”

Because the feature buy includes the cost of unlocking the round (sometimes up to 100 times the stake), it led players to increase their stake, violating technical standards. There were also concerns that the feature buy was particularly attractive to problem gamblers, who could use the machine to bet up to 3000 pounds.


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