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Slot surfing with Frankie and Annette

One of the following sentences is true:

In the 1960s, I was too young to watch Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello Beach party movies.
In the 1960s, I wasn’t too interested in watching movies with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello.
I won’t say which statement is correct, but the bottom line is I haven’t seen the “Beach Party” movie and don’t miss it very much. However, on a recent walk through a casino, I couldn’t walk past Frankie and Annette’s “Beach Party,” a big, bright yellow slot in Bali featuring 1960s teenage lovers.

There are various versions of Frankie and Annette’s beach party slot. The day I played it was a reel slot version with a built-in bonus round. Yes, there’s a bonus round in the reel slot! When you hit a certain combination on the reel, the bonus round starts on the screen. I think this is a good combination because after experiencing all the stimulation and fanfare of the video slot, the reel alone can get a little dull. I’m sure these combo games will make players more interested in the reel slot.

a big head
The glass work of “Beach Party” features the enormous heads of Frankie and Annette on the body of a small animated film. It looks interesting. What I particularly like about this is the way that designers in Bali handle Annette’s trademark box, which, as you remember, was quite a big box for a teenager. (Didn’t Annette cause concern when she was the mouse kicker on The Mickey Mouse Show?) In “Beach Party,” Annette’s donations are carefully hidden behind Frankie’s large head, or are made ridiculously small on the body of the small animated film. She is also adorable with her huge toothy smile!

The typical seven bars and non-seven game symbols include a jalopy with a surfboard at the back, and the words “Frankie and Annette” on a heart drawn in the sand. In fact, if three of the hearts arrive on the pay line, you receive a heart mystery bonus. One of the three scenes appears on the screen: Frankie and Annette surfing, driving a corvette convertible, or skydiving (was it popular in the 1960s?) Again, doing these things are the big heads on the little cartoon objects of Frankie and Annette, and it looks quite fun. Surfing, driving, or skydiving lasts about a minute and then you get bonus points.

I’ll twist it again 온라인카지노

If vinyl records, or old 45s with large holes in the middle, appear on the centerline of the third reel, nine 45s appear on the screen. Each vinyl represents a 1960s dance: wattage, swimming, twist, mashed potatoes. You remember them all, right? If you choose vinyl, there is a scene from a 1960s movie where a couple is dancing a certain dance.

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