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Son Heung-min – Emmer Song followed by Hoivier…”Tottenham Scavenging” is speeding up

Tottenham Hotspur players in Saudi professional football are constantly interested. Following Son Heung-min and Emerson Royal, Pierre-Emile Hoiber this time. British media Tribal Football reported on the 22nd (Korea time) that Al Etipark, a Saudi Arabian professional league, showed interest in recruiting Pierre-Emile Hoiber from Tottenham Hotspur.

“Hoybier is considered a substitute for Jordan Henderson as he caught the eye of Steven Gerrard. Henderson left for Ajax last week,” the media reported. “I contacted Tottenham to recruit Hoibier.” 토토사이트 순위

“He is struggling to compete for the starting position this season, and has links to Serie A and La Liga clubs. However, his big salary in Saudi Arabia may be attractive. Continuing to play in the Saudi professional league could help the Danish national soccer team participate in the UEFA Euro 2024 in summer,” he added.

Tottenham has consistently attracted the attention of the Saudi professional league since last year. Starting with rumors that Son Heung-min would be offered a huge transfer fee to Al Etihad, Emerson Royal recently received an offer of 25 million euros from Al Nasr, where Cristiano Ronaldo is located. Recently, Al Etipark sent Henderson to Ajax at the same time as signing a contract with Gerrard.

“The club has reached an agreement with Henderson. Henderson will move to Amsterdam,” Ajax said on its official website on Wednesday. “He has played for Alty Park for the past six months, played 81 matches for England, and recently agreed to terminate his contract with the Saudi Arabian club.” Henderson will play for Ajax for two and a half years until June 30, 2026. His number is six.

“We wanted an experienced midfielder with leadership qualifications. Partly because of the team’s injury, we were looking for a player that we could put in immediately, and Henderson was that type of player,” Ajax coach Jon Pant Schip said. “His recruitment marks a huge development for our team. A player of this level, both on and off the field, is important to many prospective players in the club.”

“I’m glad that Henderson is here. I think the fact that he is a Ajax player from today will be a very good thing for our club,” he said in expressing his feelings about the recruitment. Henderson grew up with Sunderland youth team and even made his debut in the first team in 2008. He was the best player in the team during the 2009-10 season and made his debut with the national team through a match against France, caught the eye of Fabio Capello, who was leading the English national team at the time.

His fame started after he joined Liverpool in 2011. Liverpool paid 18 million euros to recruit Henderson. Henderson, who has the number 14, devoted himself for 12 years before leaving Liverpool last year.

His trip to Liverpool ended after summer last year. Henderson, who had 33 goals and 61 assists in 492 Liverpool games, went to Alty Park in Saudi Arabia for a new challenge. He met his former teammate Gerrard and played as a key midfielder, but after playing just 19 games, he mutually terminated his contract with his club in six months and chose to move to Ajax.

It is believed that the biggest reason Henderson decided to leave Saudi Arabia after just half a year was due to economic problems. When he moved to RET Park, his salary increased significantly and he earned £700,000 a week. In terms of annual salary, he would earn a whopping £36.4 million a year, which was four times higher than when he was playing for Liverpool.

However, Henderson soon came to complain about his life in Saudi Arabia. “Saudi Arabia is paying only 350,000 pounds (about 580 billion won), half of the agreed weekly wage, to Henderson,” the soccer media “Team Talk” said, signaling that his relationship with the club has deteriorated. Moreover, Henderson had many complaints about his life in Saudi Arabia itself. He is known to be disappointed even with the small number of spectators in the stadium, raising the possibility of his return to Europe.

“Henderson has left Saudi Arabia and is close to transferring to Ajax. Henderson and Al Etipark ended their three-year contract when Henderson joined the team last summer, improving the situation so that he can freely change teams without transfer fees,” the global sports media The Athletic said. “He is showing even more dreadful performance this season after finishing third in the league, the lowest in 14 years last season.”

Finally, as Ajax officially announced the signing of Henderson at the club level, Henderson will once again continue his football career in Europe. Hoibier is a Danish midfielder who grew up in Bayern Munich and has played for various clubs including Augsburg and Southampton. He left Southampton to join Tottenham in 2020, and has been a regular player.

He scored 10 goals and 16 assists in 148 matches for Tottenham, and although he is not a delicate and technical player, he has been a huge contributor to the fight for the midfield due to his capacity, tireless physical strength, and bold personality that does not avoid physical fights. He was also evaluated as one of Tottenham’s candidates for the next captaincy.

However, his position has significantly decreased ahead of this season. Coach Enzi Postecoglou, who took the helm after making a treble at Celtic in Scotland, has appointed Yves Vissouma, Oliver Skipp and Papesar as the preferred players, instead of Hoiber.

Hoivier, who played 44 official matches and 3,894 minutes, including 35 Premier League matches in the 2022-2023 season, was rumored to be moving to Atletico Madrid and Fulham in the summer transfer market immediately after Postecoglou took office. He remains at Tottenham and has played only 22 official matches, including 20 league matches, and 919 minutes.


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