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Son Heung-min Is Overrated by Numbers

However, it could be a bit disappointing for fans who expected Son to win the trophy at a big club. Since his debut as a professional player, Son has never won a trophy in all major competitions (regular league, FA Cup, European club competition).

Tottenham has had no win in various competitions for 15 years since winning the League Cup (then Kaling Cup) in the 2007-08 season when Lee Young-pyo was active. Son Heung-min only ranked second in the league, cup competitions and UCL three times at Tottenham. Given Tottenham’s record, it is not easy to guarantee a trophy if he stays in the future, given that Son’s prime is only a few years away.

Many of Son’s teammates have lifted trophy since leaving Tottenham. A case in point is Kyle Walker (Man City), who had no chance of winning the title until his time at Tottenham, and has lifted a total of 16 trophies including treble (triple crown) since joining Manchester City last season. Kieran Trippier (Newcastle) and Christian Eriksen (Manchester United) also won the league championship, and even Mauricio Pochettino (Chelsea) managed to escape without any involvement by competing to win the PSG title in France.

World-class striker Harry Kane, dubbed Son Heung-min and Son Kei-combi, also moved to Bayern Munich (Germany) this season after getting tired of having no matches for a long time. Bayern is the strongest team that has dominated the German Bundesliga for 10 consecutive years. Although the team ranks second after Leverkusen this season, Kane is highly likely to win the trophy at Bayern.

On the other hand, Son Heung-min has been a representative player who is surprisingly less likely to transfer to a big club compared to his high reputation and performance. Rumors have been made that he was interested in Son Heung-min in Liverpool and Real Madrid, but he has not progressed in detail. 파워볼실시간

Experts say that Son Heung-min is capable enough to play as a starting player in any team in the big European club, including the EPL. Europe’s leading masters, such as Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, have also recognized Son as a world class player. Rather than not receiving the attention of the big club, it is more likely that Son Heung-min had no intention of leaving Tottenham.

If Son were in his 20s, he could have dreamed of a new challenge to win the title. However, Son has become a veteran who is over 30s, and is loved by Tottenham as he is treated as a club legend and ace. Already, he has established himself as the unrivaled GOAT (best player ever) in the history of Korean and Asian soccer.

Now, Son Heung-min can move to a big club where he can win and lift a trophy or two, but it is questionable whether it is worth exchanging the honor Son Heung-min has built as a “Tottenham legend.” Son Heung-min, who has been active in England and Germany for a long time, is now not easy to adapt to a new culture by moving another team or league, and he is not guaranteed a stable status and influence as much as Tottenham.

For a player, the value of a career is not simply based on his team’s status or victory. Son has long exceeded his reputation for the number of trophies. Rather, the value of a championship that Son could lift someday at Tottenham could be even greater than the four or five wins that he would easily lift at a big club with guaranteed trophies. Also, even if he ended up with no wins at Tottenham, Son’s “honor” in the EPL with Tottenham would not be shaken.

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