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“Son Heung-min was openly hit, so won’t you let him go?” Kim Min-jae, the Chinese referee who gave the card, intentionally killing Korea?

Led by Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, the Korean national soccer team defeated Bahrain 3-1 after Lee Kang-in scored multiple goals in the Group E match of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup that took place at the stadium in Doha, Qatar on Saturday. Korea, which had three points, is now in the lead. 토토사이트 추천

Korea won the match, but it was a frustrating victory. In the first half alone, a total of five yellow cards, three in total, created a huge difficulty in managing the event in the future. Turns out, the three players — referee Manning, assistant referee Zhou Pei and Zhang Cheng — were all Chinese. No matter how fair all judges were, did they have to assign Chinese referees to the Korean game.

There was a dangerous scene early in the game. Park Yong-woo, who was fighting for the ball in the midfield in the 10th minute of the first half, raised his foot high by the opponent. After the ball was missing, Park Yong-woo kicked the opponent’s knee and the yellow card was declared. It is very fatal that the starting member received the card early in the first match of the Asian Cup. So far, it is understandable.

However, it is hard to understand the card that Kim gave to Kim in the 13th minute of the first half. Kim was given a warning in the process of blocking Bahrain’s counterattack. Such a scene could be seen as a normal defense. Kim’s card is a batting that requires more than one run.

Fullback Lee Ki-je was also shown a yellow card in blocking the opponent team’s attack in the 29th minute of the first half. The Chinese referee thus gave the Korean player a yellow card every 10 minutes.

If both teams set fair standards, there is nothing to say. However, in the scene where the Bahraini player strongly knocked down Lee Kang-in, even a foul, let alone a card, was not declared. This is why the referee’s fairness can be strongly questioned.

At the start of the second half, Abdullah al-Hashashi strongly hit Son Heung-min. It was a direct exit, but referee Marning let it go again this time. It was a clear misjudgment. Even the gentlemanly Son Heung-min strongly protested. As such, the Chinese referee did not judge fairly.

Cho Kyu-sung, who collided with the opponent in the 15th minute of the second half, added a card. Cards were constantly being pointed out in situations that could end in warnings. Korean fans at the scene continued to boo the referee.

The referee’s atrocities continued. When Son Heung-min fell in the box in extra time, the referee gave him a yellow card. It meant that Son Heung-min did Hollywood action. Son Heung-min also looked puzzled.

On this day, Lee Kang-in scored multiple goals with a super-technic to rescue Korea. Nevertheless, Korea finished its first game with as many as five of the best 11 receiving yellow cards. If one more yellow card is added, it will be a cumulative exit from the warning and the next game will not be played. From the tournament of the round of 16, if you lose, you will be eliminated immediately.


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