Sunday, 21st July 2024

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Son Heung-Min

“We are playing in the PL and we have to ask each other more and more,” Son said in an interview with Sky Sports in England after the match. “It is never enough. Please always keep an eye on the team that keeps improving. It doesn’t matter how many wins we have in a row.”

Son scored with a PK on the day. “Son Heung-min’s PK is the first player other than Harry Kane to play as a PK kicker since August 2021,” said England’s Football London. As Tottenham never earned a PK this season, fans wondered who would kick it. Son Heung-min, the captain of the new club, stepped up and scored comfortably.” 스포츠토토

Another question came up. The Sky Sports host joked, “Should I bring Kane back or continue to take charge of PK?” Son responded with a jock. “Shall I call Kane again?” and added, “I always practiced when Kane was there. I learned a lot from Kane. I hope he scores more goals with PK. I hope he gets more PK.”

On the day, Son completely eliminated Trippier. “Trippier is one of my closest friends. He had a fantastic time at Tottenham,” Son said. “But if they face each other, they don’t have friends. He is an amazing defender.”

Son credited Hishalee Song for the victory. “I think Hishalee Song deserves it today. Still, I’m grateful,” Son said of receiving the MOTM award.

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