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‘Surprise Guest’ Choi Dong-won Appears, 64-year-old friend who went to Lotte shed tears

Ilguhoe, an OB association of Korean professional baseball, held an award ceremony for the “2023 Nutrition Day Ilgu Award” at the Rivera Hotel in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on Tuesday. An event was held as usual. Along with Ilgu Chairman Kim Kwang-soo’s welcoming speech, KBO President Heo Gu-yeon and Nutrition Day CEO Kim Hyung-dae delivered congratulatory messages. However, a “surprise guest” appeared on the day that no one expected. The congratulatory message from Choi Dong-won, the late second-tier Hanwha Eagles coach, was delivered through the screen. Choi Dong-won passed away in 2011 after suffering from colon cancer. Ilguhoe reborn Choi Dong-won as an “AI technology,” a name that he still longs for. The face of Choi Dong-won appeared on the screen, and he delivered the congratulatory message in a voice restored by AI technology. His congratulatory message started with a welcoming greeting, “Are you all surprised? Nice to meet you. I’m Choi Dong-won.”

Former manager Choi Dong-won said, “Heo Gu-yeon, it’s been a while. Should I call him president now? Congratulations on your second term and please continue to work hard for the Korean Baseball Organization.” He also sent a message to the team’s leaders, saying, “Coach Kim Sung-geun, it’s great to see you often on TV these days. It’s getting cold. Please always take care of your health. Manager Kim In-sik, how is your health? My heart aches whenever I think about your uncomfortable body. I will never forget the manager who became a major pillar of the Korean Baseball Organization. Manager Kang Byung-chul, when Lotte won the title in 1984, 40 years have already passed.”

Finally, former manager Choi Dong-won sent a message to his friend Ilgu Chairman Kim Kwang-soo, saying, “Lastly, my friend Kwang-soo. I’ve been playing with him since middle school. Time flies. It’s great to see him making efforts for Korean baseball and baseball players as Ilgu Chairman Kim. I’m glad he gave me this opportunity. I’ll always root for you.” While watching the video, Ilgu Chairman Kim Kwang-soo couldn’t hide his tears. Although it was the voice of former coach Choi Dong-won, tears welled up in his eyes as he missed his friend who went to heaven first. 카지노사이트 순위

Former coach Choi Dong-won’s message ended with the words, “I will always pray for the endless development of Korean baseball and baseball.” If he were still with us today, would he have left such a message.

Former manager Choi Dong-won is an icon of Busan and a legend of Korean baseball. The scene where former manager Choi Dong-won led the Lotte Giants to its first Korean Series victory by winning four games alone in the 1984 Korean Series is a famous scene that is still talked about nearly 40 years later.

His friend, Ilgu Chairman Kim Kwang-soo, has just joined Lotte as its new bench coach. Lotte recruited Kim Tae-hyung, its “winning contractor,” to revive the championship clock that has been suspended since 1992, and he seeks to strengthen the bench by inviting Kim Kwang-soo, who is eight years his senior. With former coach Choi Dong-won rooting for Lotte to do well in the sky, Kim Kwang-soo will likely coach the players with even more passion.

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