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“Surprised.” Surprised Puig…Why did “Wild Horse” lie flat at Goheung Baseball Stadium?

Puig trained at the Kiwoom Heroes 2022 Spring Camp held at Geogeum Baseball Stadium in Goheung, Jeollanam-do on the afternoon of the 11th.

Puig, who joined the camp as soon as the self-quarantine was lifted at noon on the 10th, celebrated his second day of training. Puig, who greeted the players lightly, began adjusting to the team with a lighter smile than the first day.

After the team meeting, captain Lee Yong-kyu told the players about Puig, “I hope many players will help Puig get along well with the team,” and put Puig in the middle of the team.

Puig danced to Psy’s Gangnam style. The colleagues burst into laughter as they watched Puig’s cute dance. 스포츠토토탑

Puig, who even had a pleasant welcoming ceremony in front of Psy’s Gangnam style in front of the team, almost had a dizzying incident.

Prior to the full-fledged training, Puig was preparing in earnest by tying his shoelaces, and from somewhere, he heard an urgent voice, “Ball.” At that moment Puig bowed his head, wrapping his hands around his head. He was quick to avoid the ball.

It was a dizzying moment just to think about it. Puig’s amazing quickness stood out. In other words, he gave Puig his first bad luck(?).

Director Hong Won-ki said, “It is best to have the characteristics of a gentle sheep and a wild horse overlapping.” He is an innocent player. “If you harmonize well with your team members, you will create synergy,” he said. Puig’s training intensity and training volume will be carefully coordinated in the future.

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