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Suwon FC, who left coach Kim Do-kyun, former U-20 national team coach Kim Eun-joong as the new head coach

“Suwon FC has chosen Kim Eun-joong, the former coach of the U-20 team, as the next coach,” said an official familiar with the situation at the K-League on Sunday. Kim also expressed his willingness to accept the offer. “After completing detailed negotiations, I will sign the deal soon.” After gaining experience in age-specific teams, Kim became the first professional team coach through Suwon FC. Suwon FC plans to nurture and stay under Kim’s leadership.

Suwon FC beat Busan I’Park after a lot of effort in this year’s promotion playoffs, and will be the only team in Gyeonggi Province to play in the K-League 1 next season. Shortly after his stay was confirmed, coach Kim Do-kyun, who led the team successfully for four years, resigned. Coach Kim took over in November 2019 and led Suwon FC’s heyday by creating promotions, his first trip to Final A and remaining. Choi Soon-ho, the general manager, dissuaded him, but Kim put down the baton himself, saying, “We need a new change in the club.” Coach Kim is taking on a new challenge through his trip to Seoul E-Land, where he sent a love call a year ago. 메이저 토토사이트

After Kim Do-kyun stepped down, Suwon FC immediately found a new coach. Many candidates are up for grabs. Among them, Jeon Kyung-joon, former coach of the Jeonnam Dragons, Kim Byung-soo, former coach of the Suwon Samsung, and Cho Duk-je, coach of the Mokpo City Hall, were mentioned as possible candidates. In the end, the final choice was for Kim Eun-joong. In the beginning, Kim was not a hot topic. However, Choi did not have much experience, but he liked the fresh Kim Eun-joong card and ended up making the final decision. In particular, Choi is known to have given a lot of points to his development. Suwon FC plans to run a B team from next season and use young resources actively.

Kim Eun-joong was a famed striker when he was active. He was evaluated as a special striker since high school days, but he entered the K-League as a founding member of Daejeon Citizen’s (currently Daejeon Hana Citizen). He also represented and represented Korea by age group, and continued his career with Beganta Sendai, FC Seoul, Changsha Jinder, Jeju United, Gangwon FC and Pohang Steelers. He returned to Daejeon in 2014 and retired as a player.

Coach Kim, who immediately began his leadership career as a playing coach, worked as a coach in Europe, which is rare for a domestic coach. While training in Tubiz, Belgium, he also served as the acting coach in 2017. Coach Kim, who joined the U-23 national team led by then coach Kim Bong-gil in 2017, has since joined the coach Kim Hak-beom’s system. When Lee Min-sung, the head coach at the time, left as the head coach of Daejeon, he became the head coach. Coach Kim assisted Kim Hak-beom, helping him win the gold medal at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, win the U-23 Asian Cup, and advance to the quarterfinals at the Tokyo Olympics.

Recognized for his capabilities as a coach, he finally has the opportunity to become a coach in 2022. He has taken the helm of the U-20 team, which has become vacant. Kim has demonstrated his past experiences so far. He advanced to the semifinals at the U-20 Asian Cup in Uzbekistan in 2023, and secured a berth in the World Cup by playing solid teamwork football based on “defense before counterattack” at the subsequent U-20 World Cup. He was able to overcome the disgrace of being the worst member in history.

After the tournament ended, a love call continued toward Kim, who became a wild man. Every team with empty coaches mentioned Kim’s name. Kim was not in a hurry. He joined the Technical Research Group of the Professional Football Confederation. In December, he moved to England to watch the English Premier League, Championship and European Champions League. Suwon FC offered a hand to Kim in a surprise move, which Kim grabbed.

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